Pave was involved in many bands when he was young before his 80’s solo career which was the golden age of his career. One of these bands was: ”Rock’n Roll Band” (bass and vocals) They had only one big hit: ”I’m Gonna Roll” (-singer Pave Maijanen, listen to from above ). Second vocalist and also guitarist of the band was my absolute favorite of Finnish artists: Dave Lindholm who have made so many amazing songs. On the drums was Affe Forsman. The band was founded by Janne Ödner (but he is often not considered a full member). The band was short-lived. It was established in 1975 and it disintegrated as early as the end of the same year before their album came out. Still this song: ”I’m Gonna Roll” is basic rock at it’s best. It still works well today!

One more detail about Pave. He was an active veteran hockey player, Joker fan and good friend of Teemu Selänne (which I didn’t know until I read about this after Pave’s death). Teemu remembered Pave with warmth! According to him, Pave was a positive and good friend from whom he received energy and support.

We will miss you, Pekka Juhani ”Pave”!

Pave saa laulaa nyt enkelikuorossa…

Jäämme kaikki kaipaamaan sinua!


On Saturday I heard the sad news again: Popular Finnish singer, song writer, musician and producer Pave Maijanen (1950-2021) has left us at the age of 70 after suffering from ALS for two years. Pave Maijanen was icon of my childhood. He represented, among other things Finland at ESC 1992 with the song ”Yamma Yamma” (which was not a success and no wonder why). That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have great hits and he truly had (few examples: Elämän nälkä, Kaikki nämä vuodet, Ikävä, Pidä huolta).

Pave Maijanen was also one of the ”Masters lineup”. There are/were three more soloists in so called Masters (Hector-Heikki Harma, Pepe Willberg and Kirka-Kirill Babitzin (1950-2007)). They all made concert tour together in 1999 named: ”masters in the arena” and they also sold an album of the same name which sold triplaplatin.

I once saw Pave live. I remember it like yesterday. It was about 11-13 years ago when I called my dad and asked him if he would go with me to Pave’s gig which was in a beer pub near where my parents lived (and which was my family’s haunt place by then). He instantly said ”yes”, like I new he would. He was always ready if there was a music event on offer (unless it was heavy, punk, techno/trance, or folk music). He was really a musical person.

My mother was not interested of that gig so she stayed home. We walked to the pub with my father from my parents place (only 5min.walk) and there my father called my brother and asked him to come there too because, surprisingly he had nothing else to do by then. (Usually his weekends are full of program). So he came (little later). That was fun evening! Pave did perform all of his best hits and the atmosphere was on the roof! I also remember one comic relief, he used along the evening: ”Välihuikkaa-huliväikkää”. ”Välihuikka” means ”gulp in between” (huliväikkä is just word translation, it means nothing). This he said when he drunk (presumably water). In that way he encouraged us others to drink at the same time and maybe it also made people order more drinks…That evening, when life was in order for a while, will never be forgotten.

These are the mornings when I don’t know, whether it is worth getting up or stay in bed
Pull the blanket over your head, and bury under a rocky shell
In the morning the heart beats alone, and you can’t get through the mourning mountain
Fear moves along the darkness, it feels like the day don’t rise
And then like the breath of the morning wind, Something fills this little room
It finally wakes me up
Chorus: the hunger of life strikes me hard, does not spare its strength
It pulls me up
The hunger of life sits on your shoulder, tells you to leave here
It encourages me to move forward
Hunger of life, encourages me forward…
Chorus: All these years, Underneath them, if you could escape
It could be a lot easier, always just go ahead
All these years, are shackled in my soul
Oh, I wish I knew how to: I will break the rope
I make the iron rise, I get the wind howling
To get up...

So one of the Masters is gone again. One era is over. Thank you for your music; your beautiful melodics and touching lyrics! Thank you for enriching the world for a moment!

Kiitos kauniista lauluistasi, Pave ja kiitos kun rikastutit maailmaamme hetken musiikillasi!



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