ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 20. *My gingerbreads*

Door 20. Opens…

Finally I started my own Christmas baking. Here’s My gingerbreads

Gingerbread 1

Gingerbread 2

Gingerbread 3

Gingerbread 4

These triangle Gingerbreads I made accidentally from star Gingerbreads. I just folded a couple of claws with a thought of making The gingerbread look like damson plum jam (a star version). Then I realized it can’t be made of star gingerbread. It needs circle on base.

Gingerbread 5

Gingerbread 6

Gingerbread 7

Gingerbread 8

Gingerbread 9

Gingerbread 10

Gingerbread 11

Gingerbread 12

My Gingerbread version of ”damson plum jam” (star tart as we say those in Finland).

Gingerbread 13

Gingerbread 14

Gingerbread 15

Gingerbread 16

Gingerbread 17