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Finnish Summer brings it’s best now. The flowers are blowing and smelling amazingly great! Our nature is most beautiful right now! Also there is light almost through the whole day and night!

This summer came so suddenly in the middle of this corona crisis that it quite surprised me and also wake me up (after this long home ”quarantine” which I have been having). I was gonna write an own post of corona for a while a go… but now it’s not the right time for that. No it’s time to enjoy (our short) summer! So lets do that! (I will tell you more later. There’s so much happened).

A great summer food, isn’t it?!

Have a happy midsummer you all!!!

That midsummer poem is in finnish cause I can’t write poems in english.


Kaukaa musiiki raikaa, on siellä Juhannustanssin taikaa. Kukkii kukat, tuoksuu maa. On kesä parhaimillaan.