A beautiful May evening at home corners

I went for an evening walk last weekend. It was beautiful weather, and I wanted to smell the onset of summer. I didn’t even really remember what it feels like to breathe freely; decent fresh spring air. I have been wearing a mask for so long anywhere I go, although sometimes I have momentarily opened my mask from another loop, in a safe place. So I did now too when I was coming back home. I stopped to admire the beautiful sky. No one was nearby. I rubbed handsanitizer to my hands and opened my mask from the other side and the feeling was indescribably wonderful, now that all the scents of summer were already in the air. It was a really euphoric experience. I closed my eyes for a moment and enjoyed. The birds sang their songs. I could never have imagined that fresh air alone could feel so wonderful. Now that too is no longer taken for granted.

In reality, I was awakened by the ripple of conversation behind me. Some people were clearly coming my way. I quickly put my mask back on and left to home. People had appeared across the street too where there would have been another possible route home, so I straightened across the lawn, over a small fence to the yard area so as not to collide with anyone. (Today, I am even more afraid to bypass people because of the Indian virus variant and who knows when a new, even more contagious virus variant will come again)!

These little soothing moments are more important now than ever!

I just wish it will become more warmer weather (which would certainly also reduce the number of infections)…and…

I also wish everyone a wonderful and safe start to the summer!