On Wednesday 10.8. we received sad news that touched the entire Finnish nation. One of the biggest names in Finnish art and entertainment: Vesa-Matti Loiri (Vesku) passed away at the age of 77. He had two different cancers and nothing could be done anymore. Loiri already knew his own fate at the beginning of the year after receiving the diagnosis, and was prepared to leave this world behind.

Loiri had a long career as an actor and musician. He sang and played the flute. Loiri was also a talented athlete.

Loiri’s first film role (and at the same time his breakthrough as an actor) was Jake in the dramamovie ”Boys” (1962). ”The film deals with the relationship of the home front with the war and the German soldiers from the perspective of young boys from Oulu”. He received a lot of praise and a Jussi honorary certificate for his performance. In particular, the final scene of the film has stuck in the minds of Finns as a very emotional scene that still brings tears to my eyes every time. In this scene, Jake runs after the train, yelling ”mother” who travels by train with her new German Nazi husband away from her son.

One of Uuno’s many characters: ”Jean Pierre Kusela” became famous for this comic song: ”Laughing Tramp”, accompanied by pianist ”Puppe”.

However, his most loved role was the comedy character: ”Uuno Turhapuro”, who became the character of the whole nation. Vesa-Matti Loiri’s (Vesku) cooperation partner and friend Spede Pasanen produced 19 of the beloved Uuno films in the years 1973-2004.

One other Uuno’s characters: ”Tyyne” singing.

These movies always remind me of my childhood. Back then, we watched these as a family. I also went to see some of the films with my father in the cinema. My father was one of the biggest Uuno fans.

Loiri is also remembered for the songs he made from Eino Leino’s well-loved poems. With these songs, he sang his way into the hearts of Finns.

Uuno at dog school. From the movie: ”Uuno Turhapuro’s marriage crisis”

”There was only water in it.” (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Uuno Turhapuro’s memory keeps coming back intermittently”

There is no other like Loiri, and there never will be. Have a peaceful journey to heaven and thank you for all the laughs and the tears, Vesku! YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER IN THE HEARTS OF FINNS!!!

Uuno Turhapuro needs vacation. (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Double-Uuno”

A cigarette-long break (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Uuno in the army”

Haircut – From the movie ”Uuno in the Army”

The wallet (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Uuno in Epsanja”