Beautiful snow landscape.

We in Finland do not need to dream of a white Christmas. Especially here in southern Finland, there has been lately more than enough snow. Sometimes it felt like the snowfall would never end. It just snowed and snowed and snowed for days.

One day when I went out, I barely got the door open and sank right into the snow as I stepped out the door. I had to get a shovel from the car and make a path to the road.

And as you can see from the pictures, our car was almost completely covered in snow until about a week ago. I was shoveling the car at night, when I also took those two pictures (I took the one without snow on the car earlier). I must have worked at night for almost two hours. Still, the next day we had to continue snow work together with my spouse for another two hours before we could get going.

Fortunately, we got the car front bumper (and the tires enough) out of the snow which was not an easy task at all. First you had to dig a proper passage to the car front bumper, so that you could work there. The most frustrating thing of all was that when you had cleared enough snow from the sides of the car so that you could work on the car, so much more snow kept falling from the roof, windows and doors that you had to constantly make more leg room. I would never have thought that (already in December) I would have to do such hard snow work. However, we are still in the southern Finland, close to the capital region, even though we don’t live in Helsinki. Southern Finland rarely has this much snow, especially these days.

Beautiful Christmas lights.

From my childhood in the 80s, I remember that there was a lot of snow, but apparently not that much, because a taxi driver told me one day that even though he has been driving a taxi for 35 years, he can’t remember when there was as much snow than lately.

On the other hand, it’s nice that we at least got a white Christmas. They don’t exist very often here in the south anymore. Even though it is no longer frosty, and yesterday’s rain came as water, I don’t think all this snow will melt by Christmas.

This year I haven’t had time to make a Christmas calendar due to moving (and other hassles), but maybe next year.