The white-fronted goose is a medium-sized goose species that lives in the northern hemisphere. It moves from the Arctic Ocean nesting grounds into the North Sea for the winter. The white-fronted goose is a herbivore and uses the same nesting site year after year. In recent decades, the species has also begun to nest in the Baltic Sea region.

Source: Wikipedia

You wouldn’t have food for me?

I saw these beautiful geese yesterday on my way to grocery store. There is a grass field in front of the store and there they were calmly strolling and enjoying spring day. They have been gone for the winter and are now back here. They weren’t even scared of me who stopped to photograph them. They just stared curiously at the camera. A nice variation on the fact that very often all the animals run away when I stop to pick up my phone.

"Kiss my ass"
You don’t…Well then, kiss my ass!
Hanhet ottavat aurinkoa
Here you get a lot of sun!
Hanhi syö ruohoa
This is a good tasting lawn!
Hanhi nurmella
What are you looking at?