MY NEW JOB (again)

I’m sorry for this quite long blog silence. I haven’t had much time to write and I also have been suffering horrible pain in my mouth after my wisdom tooth removal…and it’s not necessarily over yet. They found some remnants in my mouth and I may need a surgery if this will not heal with the disinfection they made last time. Let’s see. I really hope it will heal without surgery!


My main topic today is my new job…I think I’ve finally found my place in this world…I found the job I like…I found my carrier…the place where I think I belong to…Well, it’s surely the time. I’m already 38 years old and waited this for so many years…I could never guess younger, this will be my job but I’m happy I accidentally ended up to this…

Ok, I have to admit, I don’t feel the same every day. The good feeling grows when I have had nice customers/tasks and it’s the opposite when I have had tough places…but every job has the good and the bad things and there is more good things…for me. This is the perfect job for me…or almost perfect…

This is the board butterfly I made one day at vocational institute afternoon club.

So if you didn’t know, I’m working as a (personal) care taker (mainly at help needers home). In addition with my singular customers (I have now (atleast so far) two regular customers), I have also worked for a while at vocational institute at Espoo. There we have an afternoon club for autistic and disabled students. I really like to be there! Every time we play games, listening to music or make handicrafts, or sometimes maybe go get some fresh air for a while. The main thing is that we are there for the students when they need us, whatching after them and walk each one of them to taxi when they go home (every one of us have their own student(s) responsible).

Now when I got to know better many of girls and boys there I so like them! They are like friends to me…It’s great commune and my colleagues are really nice. It’s good to get to see them sometimes too (cause usually I don’t see them, it’s only me with my customer). That’s also usually very nice! I have for example went to shopping together with my customer and I have cooked on that other place which I like! Still it’s nice variety sometimes to work in a group and get to talk with your colleagues!

I have also thought that I could maybe educate myselves to bachelor of social services while I’m working (if I just still find the motivation to study for once again). It could bring me more options from the future.

It took me for a long time to find my direction but now I found it! Now I know my place…I know my thing…this is my thing!