This man in the commercial is looking so much like my dad… ”Pelastus armeija” (”The Salvation Army”) is the union which is helping poor and down and out people. The commercial message is: ”Don’t leave anyone alone”. This touching commercial doesn’t need any words. Like they say: ”One picture is telling more than thousand words.” (Or in this case: one video).

Every time I see this commercial I’m thinking of my parents (as you might guessed).

My dad in 2006.

My parents were married almost 50 years since 1969. I think it’s about the same time with the couple on that commercial (looks like 60’s wedding dress). There were different times in my parents marriage. There were also tough times but they stayed together like they promised on the front of the preast: ”In sickness and in health”…and so on…That is something many people forgot in long marriage. They forgot to love. They forgot how to take care of each other. That’s sad.

The whole life lasting love is so rare these days but there are those who still find it like my parents. That have made me believe it’s possible and I hope were on way to our life lasting love with my man. I’m pretty sure we are. Almost 15 years together already…but there is still a way to go…