This comes a little late but here is today’s christmas calendar. 

These clips are from the great Finnish movie: ”Talvisota” (Winter war).

”This movie is describing winter wars 8.division II/JR 23. first platoon engagements.” (Wikipedia)

The music is great also! Enjoy!



We got Taco Bell here last month. I love Mexican food and I was so happy to hear that! I went to buy two fresh burritos (for me and my spouse) few days ago and it was really good but just too small. 

I was quite confused when I got that bag. It was a big bag and I was so excited but then when I went to metro, I looked inside that bag and there was just two ”tiny” burritos at bottom. I was like really? Is that the normal size? I wonder how tiny are those snacks which are cheaper. 

This costed 5,90€/(6,98USD) per one. which is quite much according to it’s size, I think. I could have eat two of those burritos or make it a meal but my wallet said: ”No”. 

Anyhow it really was good so it was worth to taste! Have to try sometimes those other articles too!

CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 13.12 (Lucia day)

It’s Lucia’s day today. The day she come and bring light to us. 

Today we really had little bit sun shining at midday. It have surely been Lucia…

Finland’s Lucia 2017 is Anna-Kajsa Edström, rarely dark brown haired, 21 year old girl from Pietarsaari (Jakobstad).

(If someone is wondering how is ”Lucia” related to Finland cause like that article say, it’s originally Swedish tradition. The reason is Finnish Swedes. They have bring ”Lucia” here. Finland is bilingual country. Here this is more the celebration of Swedish speaking people. However these days finnish schools are also celebrating ”Lucia day”. Also I have once been at Lucia parade in my School as ”star girl”).


Christmas shopping at Prisma…

Doesn’t this dog say: ”Take me with you, please”! I need a home.

This is also waiting a buyer…

…and so do those!

Have a nice Tuesday!

CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 10.12. (”Tuomaan markkinat”)

Christmas atmosphere in Helsinki, Senate Square…

”Tuomaan markkinat” is the old, traditional christmas market in Helsinki. 

”In 2015, the Huffington Post ranked Helsinki Christmas Market among the 15 European Christmas markets we love to love.”

Last year there was 350 000 visitors in all from 95 country.

This years novelty in the market is a stage for performers.