It was 17C (62,6F) degrees few days a go in Helsinki. Can you imagine? 17C degrees in October. I don’t remember (in my 38 year of life) ever been as warm in October.

In my childhood (at 80’s and 90’s) this was usually the time when all the leaves did fall down on trees and often it was also raining sleet (or maybe even snow sometimes). The temperature was close to zero (32F). That was the normal weather in those days on this time of year. Right now there is 12 degrees (53,6F).

Somewhere in Finland it was over 20 (69,62F) degrees at Sunday which is the most highest temperature (ever in Finland in October).

This is the future. This is what we get if we don’t do anything to this global warming (and more).
Maybe in future we don’t even have winter in Helsinki.

According to worst forecast we could have the same climate which is these days in Milano. We will loose our (maybe cold but) beautiful and lightning snowy winter days. We will loose our winter wonder land. Instead we’ll get:

  • dangerous diseases
  • mites
  • storms
  • floodings
  • more dry seasons
  • way too long heat waves…and more dark days which there is enough already…not to mention what will happend in southern countries…

Did you even know that the carbon emissions have been rising lately? Those should be decreasing but those have just raised. It’s scary!

As you can see it have been beautiful in here last days and it could be easy to forget what this means but we shouldn’t forget it. Everyone here is happy because of this warmness but we should remember the reality where will it lead! It’s not good thing (even it feels nice)!

We need to wake up now and do something before it’s too late!



I’m sorry, my promised post have been taking time to publish but here it finally comes…

At Sunday 23.9. I was guest at Dancing with the Stars Live tv-show with my friend. I was invited there because of my poem which were used on their commercial at summer (if someone still didn’t know).

I was so exited to get there. After a long consideration I put my black dress and black smock (where is silver decorations) on and met my friend at city center. She was also very stylish and girly (with her beautiful turquoise skirt) which she usually is not. She’s not using skirts very often but she likes to use those on special occasions…

It was quite long bus trip to the filming place and when we got to the area it was hard to find the entry there. Finally after making a big round over that hall we saw a group of people and navigated our selves there.

We got poor placies cause almost all places were taken already. Also we didn’t realise which placies are the best and took the wrong ones. So we didn’t see (even those speakers: Vappu and Mikko) well.

Before the actual show we also sang to Mikko who did celebrate his 40th birthday at the same weekend.

All dancers were great! They all had sence of rhythm and some potential moves. I was very surprised of that! If that was the first show how great they are at the end of this season…They all got good points from the judge.

There is three judges on this season (who were sitting their backs in front of us). They are same ones as before but there is not the forth one (guest judge) anymore. Judges are: Jukka Haapalainen (internationally well known, succeeded dancer), Helena Ahti-Hallberg (dancer) and Jorma Uotinen (well known choreographer and dancer (Wikipedia mentioned he as singer also)).

Over all the whole experiment was fun even there were too much comercial breaks and it was nothing but just wait but yes it was fun…and at the end they also filmed few program commercial where the audience were cheering at background.

Well, that was all abut my special evening. Next time I’ll be posting about finnish autumn (and winter) nowadays and in future! It’s quite different already than it was at my childhood 80’s and 90’s because of this global warming…

Anyway in the middle of this scary catastrophe, try to have a good day!

BOAT TRIP TO STOCKHOLM with Silja Line (18.-20.9.)

Harbours are lovely! I love the sea! It’s so calming and fascinating! It’s one of the best feelings to watch the sea and see those foamy wave crests. Same feeling when you’re sitting in front of the fire place and staring it. So therapeutic!

I have always also loved food

and gourmandism. What could

be better way to enjoy life than

fill your stomach with all the

buffet delicates?!

That’s why I was so exited to get to boat trip for long time ago. My partners parents did bought this trip to four of us. They had ”executive suite” cabin (which is 75m2 big suite) and we had ”Commodore” cabin (also spacious luxury cabin). So both of the cabins were great! There were also sauna in my partners parents cabin. I tested it and loved it! I love sauna so much!

We had also special breakfast which was very lush! There were starter dish, main course and desert all together in breakfast only! The main course (salmon bread) was so delicious! I didn’t take the main desert on menu, I just tasted a little desert snacks on breakfast buffet.

Our cozy cabin!

My partners parents cabin -bedroom.


Living room.

Luckily the sea was mostly quite calm and not so stormy, even though I actually like the feeling when boat is pitching and sure it did, some but I would not like some very bad autumn storm…I don’t think anyone likes that. It would be scary! My partner did not like that pitching at all…or maybe a while it was ok but it continued quite long and then he started to feel sick.

We did also visit at Stockholm. There were still very warm and summery.

Now we’re back to normal again but I don’t mind cause I like my new job (most of the time)!

Harbour at Stockholm.

Next post will be about my evening at ”Dancing with the Stars” studio audience.

Till then, take care and have a nice week!


”Jossain joku vieläkin sua kaipaa” (Somewhere someone still missing you)


Tomorrow it’s September and officially the first autumn day. Summer is ending again.

Although it’s sad thing, I think my autumn is still better than last autumn cause I got a new job…again and I really hope this is more permanent this time. At least I have been enjoying it (most of the time)!

I’m continuing my care taking job. I have still my old customer and now I’m working also for one home service company were I have had few customers. Some of those have been very nice places like the one where was always so warm welcome. I wish I could get job there some day again. Then I had one customer for once who took me to Helsinki’s legendary artist restaurant to eat, how fun is that!

Anyway here is still some summer photos for you…

These ducks did obviously come by for asking food!

These rowanberries looks tasty! I don’t know why those aren’t used very much in any products.

Could it be more like summer? Flowers and a butterflie…

…and one, more like autumn photo which I took today when I was walking my customer’s dog…I wonder what mushrooms these are…

Bye bye summer, I will miss you!


Chorus: ”If you stay by me I don’t promise a moon from the sky, only my love nothing else, if you stay by me…”


Hän lentoon lähti siivillään. Unesta voinut ei enää herättää. Nyt taivaalta meitä katselee ja läheisiään suojelee.


With her wings she rose up, flied to the heaven. Couldn’t be waking up, watching us from there. Guarding all her loved ones, always and forever.


Hanna-Riikka Siitonen were singer, most remembered of the 90’s girl duo: ”Taikapeili” (magic mirror) where she song with Nina Tapio (maker of that memory clip).

I was a teenager and big fan of them. I also had their album (on c-cassette). Specially I loved their cover song: ”Mitä yhdestä särkyneestä sydämestä” (What from a broken Mamba) and also song named: ”Enkelin siivet” (Wings of an angel).

Still their most biggest hit and the first one of their hits were: ”Jos sulla on toinen” (If you got other one). Those days my friend got a school mate called: ”Jossu”. She were teased by that song cause if you say ”Jossu have” in finnish, it’s the same as ”Jossulla”. It sounds the same as ”If you (have)” – ”Jos sulla (on)”. So it’s like ”Jossulla on toinen” (Jossu have other one).

Oh, those days…It’s like ages ago…Hanna-Riikka left too early. Now she’s also in angels choir, like so many others…

Lepää rauhassa Hanna-Riikka!/

Rest in peace Hanna-Riikka!


This Spanish sparkling wine we did by to celebrate my commercial poem. It was quite dry but still good tasting wine. Not bad at all.

Finally it’s official and done…I mean the comercial convention I told you some time ago. Specifically Finnish marketing company bought my poem for ”Dancing with the Stars” -program commercial to channel 3 (commercial television). The finnish version of ”Dancing With the Stars” is starting again in autumn and this commercial with my poem came out at Monday.

I was so surprised that it was my poem they found (here at my blog, post: ”runoja 5/poems 5”) and it was the poem they wanted to use!

At first I thought my poem might be maybe little bit too deep for entertainment program but it’s actually working well. It depends how you take it. It doesn’t have to be taken too serious even that was my vision when I wrote it. I made it to be more like ”the dance of life”.

”Dancing With the Stars” is one of my favorite programs! I have watched every season of it. This is my dream come true!

What is more (I think) my poem is read by famous finnish dancer and choreographer: Jorma Uotinen. Atleast reader sounds like him. What a great honor!

You can read my poem below first in finnish (naturally) and then there is my translation to english. I’m not sure if it’s working so well but atleast I tried. I think you can catch the idea.


Minä tanssin. Tanssin yli esteiden. Tanssin ohi päivien. Tanssin läpi vuosien.

Minä tanssin. Tanssin vaikka väsyttää. Tanssin kohti päämäärää. Tanssin askeleen viimeiseen.


In english: I’m dancing. Dancing over barriers. Dancing pass the days. Dancing through the years.

I’m dancing. Dancing though tired. Dancing to the target. Dancing for my final step.