Nylon Beat: ”Nuclear test”. (In this case nuclear means sex.) This was one of my favorite songs from Nylon Beat by then…(not because of lyrics but because of that sound and melody!)


Do you remember a situation when you were totally embarrassed? What and why was if for. Were did it all start? If you do I hope you share your story with me…

But let me tell you my story first…It was warm and sunny day in year 1996 when finnish girl duo: ”Nylon Beat” did publish their first album. I was at countryside with my family and we were visiting at local central area with my father and our family friend.


In this tiny ”Keuruu” town there is (or at least was) only two grocery stores, one pizzeria, one restaurant, Hotell, one grill, one Alko (alcohol store), one pub, one “Tiimari” (hobbies/gift ware business chain which shut down it’s business 2014 in Finland and in Baltic country’s). Also there were one music (record) store (which I don’t think is there anymore cause records (or tapes) doesn’t sell so well anymore), and then there were one or two clothing stores (and of course banks, old and new churche, hair dresser, kiosk and so on).

”Like a candy”

(Their singing some man who’s like ”candy” to them…)


So we went to that music store and my father promised to buy one album to me. I picked the new Nylon Beat tape cause that was one of the tapes I had been wishing to get. Well, on our way back to summer cottage we listened that tape in car. At first it was ok. There were nice, girly songs. Those girls sounded like Disney’s chipmunks Chip’n Dale (which became their nick names later). It was good tape but soon I realised it was not the tape I would like to listening with my father and his friend. I didn’t know that many of their songs were about sex. I was so embarrassed when our family friend asked me “is this good tape?” I couldn’t deny I liked it and with the shame in my mind I said: “Yes”. Well, luckily there were also beautiful love songs but still… Never forget that day. It stayed in my mind all these years!!

So that was my story. Now is your turn to tell me your embarrassing moment!



Meet my (nickname) namesake: ”Allu” -chick. There is available much ”Allu” -chick products in Finland. It’s made by ”Aarikka”. I have also got ”Allu” glasses as a birthday present sometimes.

I have big news to you which I can’t wait to tell you cause I’m so exited about it but I think it’s still a little too soon. So I’m not gonna tell you yet. Have to wait for a while…Well, I can tell you this, I got an amazing opportunity, a great commercial convention. I could never believe I’ll get this kind of chance one day and only thanks to my blog…but that’s all for now about this. I tell you more later.

This is ”joy of life diploma” from my godparents on my birthday years ago. Now they are both gone. My received cards is my only memory left of them (along with photos ofcourse).

This card I received from my friend on the Valentine’s day (which is actually more like friendships day in Finland). Lovely card!

Ok, on this post I have my old cards which I have received from my friends over years. These are great memories for me. I found those cards when I cleaned my old room for my mom when she was in hospital.

My mom got back home from hospital at Thursday and she have now some medicines for her memory issues.

My dad was happy that mom got home cause he had been so lonely. What is funny, my mom did actually enjoy her time in hospital cause living there was so easy. Now she said she have the feeling she can’t do anything anymore by her selves and wondered can it be that when you’re a while in hospital you forget how to do things what were so obvious before. Yes it can and unfortunately it usually is so (if we’re talking about seniors).

This says: ”Happy birthday to Allu”. It’s made by my childhood friend.

One of my nice birthday cards. It says: ”For you…the whole cup!”

One day when I organised the living room bureau for my parents (were is still some papers), I found something quite ”interesting”, I found my really old note. It was almost exactly 15 years old note. Unbelievable it’s been there so long. I don’t know how it’s possible cause I have sometimes processed those papers but I know the note is this old cause in that note there were draft of report from my time on painter school and on other side there were a note ”what to take to boat trip with”. I made a boat trip to Stockholm 2003 with my good friend when I was also studying to a painter.

I remember it so well cause I made very hard summer job to one painting firm at that time. I painted pipes on one school. It was very hot by then and those classes were like saunas. There were not even windows in every class rooms.

I was climbing ladders and carrying those ladders and heavy paint jars from class room to another. I was so exhausted and I was counting hours on that trip day waiting to get to the boat…

”With flower branches hiding touch of a friend, look so tender and warm”.

”In the garden of life, there’s always place for a friend”.

By the way I got that trip (with great luxury cab) from my mom who got it from her coworker. We had real fun with my friend!! Unbelievable it’s already so many years ago!!

Well, that was all by now. Have a nice weekend!

Good friend: ”is reading you between the lines”, ”sees the bright sides of things”, ”listening in joy and in sadness”, ”joyful smile gets you on good mood”, ”helps you on good- and on bad times”, ”the heart is full of sympathy”. Sweet words…My old Valentine’s day card.


Finnish television YLE filmed a program named ”juhannusjuna” (as Midnight sun train) in 2012.

The program filmed train trip between Helsinki-Rovaniemi. It lasted the whole midsummer night. Anyone could jump in that train.

The idea was great! I love trains. There is something calming sit in train, listening that clanking and watching the beautiful views (or in my case watch that train on television). Specially in bright finnish summer the views are amazing!

There were also different performers in the train, music quiz, interviews and stuff like that. On some of the stations were also different kinds of performers. You’ll get the idea better if you watch these clips (even partly). Unfortunately those are only on finnish.

I hope they will make this kind of program again some year…


Happy Midsummer or Hyvää juhannusta/”Jussia”!

Have sauna, relish, drink (within reason), make some midsummer magic and enjoy summer (even the weather is more like autumnal here in Finland. It’s 11c right now and also windy so it’s very cold)! Anyway…

have fun!

…pus pus…(it’s me in the middle).

…and greetings from Turku gymnastic girls…(it’s me again on the left).


The grave of Kaarina Maununtytär (Karin Månsdotter). She was the wife of Erik XIV-king of Sweden and the queen of Sweden 87 days in 1568. (Finland was part of Sweden by then).

Firstly I’m sorry I have been so busy that I haven’t been very active to check out other bloggers posts but I hope you don’t get mad to me!

It’s just that I had that trip and my mom is still in hospital and dad is alone at home. So I have been running to see them both.

These three photos are from ”Lumo” (Charm) competition 9.6. at Marli arena.

My mom is not coming back home very soon. She’s disordered to some extent and she need to get magnetic resonance imaging to getting diagnosed. She waited to get there for long time now. I just hope she will not become passive in hospital. Well, we can’t do anything than just wait.

Anyway, I promised to post more photos from the Gymnaestrada event (and that Turku trip generally). So here you are!

These two photos are also from ”Lumo” -competition.

These next photos are from ”Rock, rauha, rakkaus” (Rock, peace, love)- evening show 9.6. at Marli-arena.

Japanese talented Kokushika University gymnasts.

Great acrobat gymnasts!

Graves and chapels in Turku Cathedral (the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland).

The holy Yrjänä’s chapel who were Roman soldier, Christian’s martyr and inter alia scouts patron saint.

The grave of Åke Tott -finnish soldier who became field marshal 1631-.

I think this was Totti extended family chapel.

Stålhandske chapel (sielujen kappeli) -where you can find the coffer of warlord Stålhandske-.

The holy flesh chapel. The chapel of many pastors, soldiers and other dignitary. Inter alia Magnus Bishop have been buried in here.

Knut Posse have been buried in holy people chapel. He was Swedish soldier. He’s remembered of successful defence of Vyborg castle against russian in 1495.

Turku Cathedral

Tuomiokirkonkatu 1, 20500 Turku

Open every day 9.00-18.00.


On that link you will find Gymnaestrada closing ceremony where is inter alia our Group performance: ”Elämän voima” (Life Force) and all gymnasts final performance. Don’t know if this is working outside of Finland or not…


Turku cathedral, the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland.


We had very long day today! 6 hours non-stop gymnastic practising on the court…with only one ”longer” 20 min. break. (and some short drinking break).

I used mostly that 20min.break at toilet queue. That was the only change to get there. Then I had to eat so I went to buy two spring rolls at food stall at market, beside court. When I was still eating, I heard a notice that we should get back so I ate the rest of my food later (on that drinking break). Now I’m so exhausted! I’m happy that we got this day through already…and it did in the end went well…

I got only about 4-5 hours sleep last night (I never sleep well at new placies before I get use to that place) so I’m very tired now…

Yesterday evening I also made a long walk. It was lovely to walk late in the evening in silence, when party music ended and only music you could hear was singing of birds.

I found so beautiful placies (as you can see on my photos)!

Today I didn’t get any photos, cause the whole day went on rehearsal and I didn’t have my phone with me there but I’ll post more photos tomorrow!

So ”see you” tomorrow!

These photos are taken on bus window.


That’s my siluette which is made at Linnanmäki-amusement park. I think the year was -90.

Finnish formula driver Kimi Räikkönen got a charge of harassment from a waitress who accuses Kimi of grabbing her breasts. She’s asking atleast 10 000 000 of that ”suffer”. For real, is she serious?! Ok, it’s not right and it’s not nice thing to do but I don’t think any woman could get very serious trauma of something like that. I mean, pleace you’re not saying you lost your night sleep because of that?!

This is exactly what I was scared of this new harassment law will lead us. Women can use this law so wrong against men. It’s too easy!

I think every woman have experienced something like that sometimes. Every woman could also be rich if they always press charges in those kind of situations.

I also think we all know why this greedy woman did this, right! We can’t be even sure if she were provoke and flirting with Kimi so that she could strain money from him. It’s so obvious that she saw only money there. She could atleast be happy with much smaller amount then this maybe wouldn’t be so clear but 10 000 000. Yeah, right!

What comes about Kimis behavior. He is like most men in Finland. They become jerks when they drink a lot. They’ll make things (I bet) they dream about when they’re clear but don’t dare to do. As we know, alcohol remove inhibitions and it’s easy to do what you like. That’s the reason finnish drink so much cause normally they’re so fearful. They drink and then they will act like idiots.

That is very exorbitant using from that girl. She knows Kimi have money and she thought:


I don’t respect that kind of women. They don’t suffer, they just trying to get easy money!!

Well, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say about this…

Next I gonna lead you to Turku and to ”Finland national Gymnaestrada”, where I will be performing at Sunday on court show with about thousand gymnasts…

I’ll be back…