This is what happened at saturday evening at Helsinki (metropolitan area).

We didn’t got the ”Lucifer” heatwave here but we got the thunderstorm what was result of that European heatwave. Around Finland the storm did fallen trees (many of those fall on cars) and cut powers in many many houses. In Helsinki, among other things, it broke part of glasses of ”Sanomatalo” house on the city (on the first video) and at ”Iso Omena” (Big Apple) shopping centre, Espoo city, water came in (on the first video). Also the ”Slow festival” at Helsinki did break for a while because of that thunder.

In the part of Helsinki where we live it wasn’t so bad but some time in the evening there where lightning and thundering (all the time). The rain wasn’t too bad and it was over real quickly. Neither wind I didn’t feel when I went to grocery store. I was little bit scared of but I had to go there. Luckily it wasn’t as bad anymore when I left. Although I did read news with my phone on my way to the grocery store and there they did say people should stay/go inside. ”Nice” I was thinking. Well, I chose the shop according to the road there. I didn’t have to be long time outside and there is buildnings too (which gives shelter). I didn’t want to go that cheaper shop like I was planned to cause from there you have to walk through the open area.

These three pictures I took today on the way to my parents. These are taken near of their house. You can see that the storm where hard there. The bushes were quite suffered.

At countryside that would be more scary. I remember some times when we have been at our summer cottage and it came a thunder. We’ve been really scared with my mom, even my dad always said thunder doesn’t usually comes right up there it rather go round that house. Still everytime it was any harder it felt real bad! 

Luckily anything ever happend! Even that old tree near the house have been saved from the thunders. If it have been hit by thunder it could have fell on the house. 

Have a good new week!


There it finally is, the list of my favorite love songs. There is also the scenes of my favorite movies with great love songs. Hope you enjoy as much as I do! 

(I translated a part of the lyrics to those finnish songs where I didn’t find a translation in net.)


Rakkaus (Love)

Chorus: ”All It will cover, all it will trust, all it will hope, all it will suffering. Love will never disappear. 

Love only love will stay.”







Armaan läheisyys (Beside you) 

”I’m thinking of you when in shining of the day I see the lake

I’m thinking of you when shadows of the moon is shining on fountain. 

I see you when the dust is riseing on the way, I still see you, when wanderer is walking there to the darkest night.

I’m listening you when waves are rushing to the cradle of strand. I stay to listening your voice when I quiet at grove.

I am with you even then you’re far away, close you stay.

The day is setting, soon will stars ignite, stay next to me.”


Ensi katse kertoi sen (First Look)

(First) Chorus: ”From the first look I already knew this will not stay at halfway. I found a man. We enjoyed, we got excited, far away it reached us.

From the first look I already knew you are different man, woman will know it, when I danced with you to the sky from the stars.”

Ruusun oksa ja kyyhkynen (The Rose branch and Pigeon)

Chorus: ”Rose branch and pigeon, you have been the song of my soul, flare of my heart, like the burning painting of love.

Rose branch and pigeon, same time my tear drop and laughter, carbon of emotions and glow of becoming days.”

Hurmio (The Ecstasy)

Chorus: ”I think we will fly to stars again when I take us to ecstasy.

This way leads us to happy joyfull place if you just don’t be afraid.

The lonely times will be gone now when I can be finally with you.

And so we are led to romance now by beautiful way and take us to ecstasy.”

https://www.google.fi/amp/www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/J-Karjalainen/Sydänlupaus/translation/english/amp (The english translation is under the finnish ones).

(you’ll find the video under that lyric link.)


J.Karjalainen-Ankkurinappi/Anchor button (video under lyric link)



More photos of my summerdays. Pretty soon the summer will be only a memory…

A boat at west harbour: Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

A nice (new?) hotel at Jätkäsaari, where have been built a new modern residential area.

The view at Espoo.

A view at bus window, Espoo.

Herttoniemi shore’s outings area, Helsinki.

Helsinki city, prom.

Helsinki city.

Esplanad park’s beautiful flowers.

The view from Esplanad park.

Esplanad park.

Esplanad park, Eino Leino statue.

Beautiful view at Vuosaari, Helsinki.

A night view on Vuosaari bridge.

Park trail at Vuosaari.

Beautiful lupines at Puotila, Helsinki.

Flowers in front of the hospital (where my father is).

Flower shop’s window at Helsinki city, tunnel.

The same flower shops window.


The view at Espoo.

I’m so happy now! I got a new job finally!
I have been looking for it for a while. As many of you knows the lady I took care for years did past away at januari and after that I have had just some tasks. At winter I got one, more regularly place but at spring he had to go to hospital and it ended. After that I have had only casual job.

My new place seems to be (very) good much better than the earlier (well, it doesn’t need much). It’s the same kind of care taking job. I had the interview last friday and it already went so well that I almost new I got that job. Also that employer was very nice, warm and casual. The questions were easy and at the end of the interview I got the chance to explain to my hobby (gymnasticks) which the employer seemd to be interested. She didn’t even take a look at my diplomas. She said she got so good impression of me! (Also I think she might have to horry but still).

Tiger shops window.

That employer called me yesterday and said she wanna hire me. I have the first visit at my first client at thursday. With me there will be two of that firms managers to teaching me. That’s really good! In the last firm they just sent an adres and you had to go there and get things done by yourselves. You didn’t know where you were going, I mean what kind of place. It’s not always easy. Like one time when I had to use a lifting apparatus and I haven’t used it before. Anyone hadn’t teach me. Well, the client tryed to brief me but it was still hard. I made it, finally but it took some time. This new firm have already told me things about my first client. Today I heard much information when I went to sign the employment contract. It sounded great so now I’m waiting eagerly the first meeting! 

1920’s Ford. We have ”a little bit” newer Ford.

My dad is better but he’s still at the hospital. He have broke his both shoulders (don’t ask me how) but obviously he have falled. He just don’t remember that like my mom either. (They both have memory problems.) He have now started learn to walk again after long period without walking (he’s moving with wheel chair).

Last time at hospital some woman thought we’re in the ship (cruising?) She asked us are we already in harbour? When no one answered she asked again: ”Could someone tell me where are we”. Then my brother said: ”At hospital”. She didn’t say anything for a while but then she was wondering why the elevators are locked. (The reason is that no one can’t escape). Well, then after a while ago, she said: ”I go to deck, then let’s see what we can do”. Yes, right…

So, this was my news to you this time! 

Have a great week!


I wanted to share with you my favorite blogs. (Actually I should have done this a long time ago but) now this list is finally ready. There is much more also (like example recipe blogs but I haven’t tested those recipes even I like to read those so I condensed this list without any of those). These are anyways my biggest favorites (hopely I didn’t forgot anyone)! 

I would like to find more especially dancing or some kind of training blogs but others are also ok. So if you’re not in the list, link your blog here and I’ll go to check it. (Maybe some day I’ll make a new list where you can be also).

Then to the list…


Travelblog, where’s beautiful pictures and interesting placies. Hopefully I sometimes get to visit some of these placies…


A finnish girl who presents different placies in Finland and it’s neighbours but also other placies around the world (like beautiful cafe’s, restaurants and buildnings…and also one of my favourites: good food).


A travel blog which includes nice photos and interesting stories. Those stories will take you surely along.


A travelblog by finnish girl. You can find many interesting destinations and also presentations of great places in Finland.


This blog is about travelling, photography, fashion and day to day life. I like specially those travelling posts and beautiful photos in these.


Karoliinas blog is mostly travelblog where you can find interesting travelstories of many city (or town). You can find also the placies you should visited (in each city); (there’s nice restaurants, cafe’s and so on…)


There you can find beautiful decorations like that one in the picture! If you’re interested of art you must see these! Also there’s nice guessing posts: monday mystery photos, book reviews, proverbial tuesday posts and more.


A blog made by depressed person who’s writing her strugling with it. Also she have fun friday humour posts (one example in picture).


There you can find beautiful balletphotos. If you love dance (like I do) this is for you!

Interesting blog with Finland’s church presentations and other places in Finland. (The picture is from Suomenlinna).

An interesting travelblog by finnish, young girl. Great destinations (like Japan, UK and France).

This is mostly travelblog but there’s also recipes and some random things. I specially love those travel posts where is much beautiful pictures.

Saint Pierre le Jeune~

Travel posts where is not too much text with beautiful pictures. Also there is much great bird posts.

This blog is by australian girl who is moving to Finland with her finnish husband. She tells everything about that: waiting, feelings, arrangements and so on.

Travel blog with lots of different placies; culture, food and so on.

Amy P’s blog is also about travelling and there’s word press photo challenge posts too and some more. There have come great presentations from Finland which I specially love!



Anoreksiasta kärsineen aikuisballeriinan elämää tanssin ja toipumisen parissa. Valoa on alkanut näkyä tunnelin päässä. Hienoja, pitkiä postauksia.


Toinen aikuisballeriinan blogi, jossa ihania tanssikuvia!


Kirjoittaja: Tintti kirjoittaa mukaansa tempaavasti, ja kertoo lähinnä masennuksestaan, sekä aikaisemmasta suhteestaan, jonka perään on kovasti haikaillut. Tosin uutta materiaalia ei ole hetkeen tullut. 


Raiskauksen uhri pui tapausta ja sen jättäneitä jälkiä elämäänsä.


Hieno blogi, jossa tavallista perhe-elämää ja ihmissuhde juttuja, sekä muita erilaisia, mielenkiintoisia aiheita.

Erilaisia, mielenkiintoisia postauksia, vaihtuvista aiheista.

Entisen fitness urheilijan blogi, jossa lähes kaikkea maan ja taivaan väliltä. Aika paljon mm. perhe-elämään liityviä juttuja. Itseäni on kovasti kiinnostanut tuo fitness urheilijan elämä, joka on niin kovin kurinalaista, ja kyllä myös luonnotonta. Siihen tämä kirjoittaja oli itse aikoinaan havahtunut ja lopettanut.

Treenaajan ja valmentajan elämää, hyvinvointia. Mielenkiintoisia postauksia aiheeseen liittyen.

Myös treeniblogi, jossa hienoja, laajoja treeniin ja hyvinvointiin liittyviä postauksia. Erityisesti suosittelen naisille kuukautisiin ja hormonitoimintaan liittyvää postausta.

Kanadaan muuttanut, (balettia harrastava) suomalaistyttö kirjoittaa elämän muutoksestaan, (harrastuksestaan) ja yleensäkin elämästä Kanadassa. 

Balettia harrastavan tytön tanssiblogi, jossa myös jonkin verran kivoja matkailupostauksia.


Jippu-Old beautiful man

”Jippu” (Meri-Tuuli Elorinne) is one of my favorite, finnish singers who’s mom is our family friend. Also I have known her step father. Two first albums of ”Jippu” did sell gold. The third album which she made together with other singer did sell platinum.

I wanted to share this touching article made of radio program where”Jippu” is interviewing her mother. 

”Jippu” had tough youth. His biological father is famous opera singer. Her parents divorced when she was six years old. Her relationship with her own father wasn’t easy like it wasn’t with her step father either. 


Lyrics in english below…


”Jippu” falled apart and was put to child caring institution when she was 15 and that came ful surprise for her mom. She heard that in the middle of her work day and started to cry. She went to meet ”Jippu” and bring flowers to her.  ”Jippu” didn’t understand why her mother left her there and why she couldn’t go home with her. Later she understood it was good for her. 

They had very long split with her mom. They didn’t see each other for years. Then when ”Jippu” was expecting her own child, she realised the meaning of mother and daughter relationship. She wanted to see her mom, called her and drived instantly to mother’s place. They had very emotional meeting. Mother was at shock when they met. They both shed tears while remembering this.

Jippu-The town of angels

Lyrics in english below…


”I’m sorry I was gone for so long and hurted for so many!” ”Jippu” said later.

My eyes watered also when I did read this. I thought ”Jippu” hugging with her mother and I was so touched. I’m happy they finally found one other again! I hope the best for you both…or all three actually…including already 2-years old boy: Romeo! You are all in my thoughts…

Jippu-who made me this woman

Lyrics in english below…



The touching interview below.

Jipun ja äidin koskettava yhteishaastattelu – lastenkotiin joutuminen jätti jäljet http://www.is.fi/viihde/art-2000001116796.html?utm_source=wordpress&utm_campaign=wordpress-share&utm_medium=social&utm_content=android.iltasanomat.fi


This cutie was at our yard one day. I’m happy I got the picture of it before it run away!

These two squirrels I saw ower a year ago when I was on my way to gymstick class. Aren’t those cute too?

I was interrupted today at the shopping centre when I was makeing a call to my man. Some boy where makeing something and asked if he could cheer me up. I just walked away and said: ”I have to call.” Then after I did walk over I realised what should I say. I could say: ”do you really wanna cheer me up? Then give me 2000€ (or give me atleast 200€) That will cheer me up.” It would be so funny.

I really hate that they’re always everywhere marketing something these days. I hate that they have to make us always by something. It’s not helping that they try to be so nice. Do I know you? No. Are you my friend? No. Why do you try to be nice. I know what you want. You want me to put my (last) money for your some stupid thing. You want only my money…but I know what I need and I don’t have any extra money so this is annoying. Let people just be sometimes! 

Esplanad park.

Speaking of friends I saw my friend accidentally at grocery store today. Nice surprise! Yesterday we were together at Esplanad park eating ice cream and today we collided again. What a coincidence!

There below is a funny and useful test if you want to know are you blogging addict. I’m surprisingly not…but I do have seasons when I’m more addicted. Luckily not all the time.

Still one thing for you…