This is your faithful friend when you have a flu…like me now…It’s good and warm like a good friend…

…there is peach, orange and pineapple flavors, which is great combination…


This teasorts name: ”Uskollinen ystävä” really means faithful friend in finnish!


I love this video! Those solo dancers are so great! (Also love this song).

Sunday is usually the day I’m (very) tired. Saturday nights I often stay awake late and then I sleep long (maybe even too long). So I’m tired when I should go to my dancetraining (at sunday). Still when I go there I usually get some energy of training and feel better. 

Like last time, when I felt (again) that I don’t have the energy to go there but then at the class (when I got that fine flow feeling), I felt great and at that time I remembered why I’m doing that. So I got that feeling what Julia is talking about in her blog. 

Partly it’s about that in which point the show where makeing is. I’ve noticed that the beginning of the new coreography it can be a little bit boring but then when it’s getting almost completed, you see the entirety and you’re movements are more complete. It feels great!

In this year we have had a nice theme with in our treining. A theme which is stopping by thinking the real things. We have trained the encounters. That means you have a partner and you come by with her (hope you now what I mean). Sometimes we just walk by (in line) with a partner and maybe touch a little bit, sometimes we make a short coreography with a partner where the meaning is to touch each other. The most important thing is to get the contant with your partner, to feel the connection. You two have to have the eye contact also. That is something really powerfull (if you make it succesfull). 

Specially those walkes in line feels usually great (if your in the right mood), ’cos you don’t have to think your movements, you can only focus on the connection (which is the whole meaning in that section).

If you can feel the connection, you can use it in your normal life also. I myself realised how stresfull and rush life I had lived and almost never stopping by. (Almost) never really encount the people (in my ordinary days). Almost never REALLY listening or encount my live-in partner either. We never really have the quality time together. It’s like the ordinary days (and all should do things) have swalloved me and I can’t see the real things anymore. (Also I have always sleep debt which is effecting to my mood).

Life should not be like that. Still I think it is that quite many of us. The truth is we have so much to do that like I always say: ”There is too little hours in the day”.

Now I’ve tried to stop sometimes in the middle of the day and have breaks even at work. Yesterday when I came home at work I smellt the fine autumn smell (like it smells at august or september usually). It was therapeutic feeling, smell the ”forrest”, even it’s almost november and there’s really not much left of the ”forrest”. I was like ”wow” and I had to stop for a while at my homedoor!

A view in front of our home earlier this autumn.

So you all remember this: stopping by sometimes, leave your (smart)phone for a while and listening to each other moore, so you don’t loose your mind and you can keep the connection with other people and with the nature also!


I love you Saara Aalto! Always have and always will. I loved her at the last Finnish eurovision contest finals (with song:”No fear”). I loved her when I heard her singing (her earlier eurovision contest song), the beautiful:”Blessed with love”. I love you now, when you’re competeing at the x-factor UK.

Saara has so special voice! It’s amazingly sensitive and emotionally voice! She’s diverse singer. (She have for example recorded in chinese and some songs in japanese, and she have performed with Jose Carreras). Also her person is great! I feel she’s very warm and symphatetic! She’s full of joy and she’s always smiling.

Her way at the x-factor wasn’t been easy but she’s still there and I think now is her time to win (she have always been second (and once third?) every other competitions).

Show them Saara! Take your place. You’re the best!


Hello again! I finally do this blogpresentation, which took time from me, ’cos I waited that I could get moore bloglinks but I didn’t. So there those are, four blogs, which are ALL FINNISH! I will some day make another article of my favorite blogs, where’s english language blogs, but first this’cos those four have been surely waited this for long time. So here it comes in random order.

1. Katja Ekaterina

This blog is (maybe) for younger girls or women who are interested fashion, make up, shopping etc.

The last article includes beautiful photos from Saint Petersburg, here’s one of those.

2. Erika

Erika is also young girl, who’s telling things about herselves, her style, her skin care products etc. Also there’s musiclist, which are my favorites!


15-year old girls lifestyleblog, where’s pretty much everything…She’s dancing like I am. Nice blog! I just wish, there could be more dancing articles. 

Inga is also decorateing nice phoneshells like that.

4. Juulia

This is pretty much training, food (and healthy) blog (which are good subjects). There’s some yammy looking recipes. Should try sometimes those…

By the way I tryed to comment but my comments didn’t got there so I don’t know if you Julia have some setting, which is blocking your comments or something like that…

There was that bloglist. Now I wait my saturday evenings higlight: ”Haluatko miljonääriksi” (”Who wants to be a millionaire”) quiz. That’s great program!


Did you know this? I didn’t but I red it some time ago from the newspaper. It’s quite awesome to know, specially now when I’m like ”mom” to the cutest dog whos familymember I’m takeing care of. (I have been training it (wich was not easy, ’cos it have the boss character) and I have been there in it’s life the whole time it’s been in the family. It came there about few months year, and it’s clearly keeping me as it’s ”mom”.) 

I’ve seen that the dog understands much of us speak. You can see it for its reactions, but I was uncertain how much really it understans. Now I do know and it’s great! I know I’m not talking so much for nothing to it. It may understand…more than we even realize…


This song tells about a missing of ”Kuusamo” (Finnish town at countryside) to find a peace of mind and leave all hurrying and stressing to Helsinki.

I’m always thinking of my summercottage, or sometimes A’s (=lady I’m takeing care of as my job) summerplace when I hear this.

This song (The time has come) is about time running. This mans wish is that clocks will stop running (for a while). Oh, how I wish it too!


I once heard some of the judges said on my  favorite tv-program ”Masterchef Australia” to competitors: ”Time is not your friend”. Instantly I thought: ”That’s right, it really isn’t”.
I’m not in competition or anything like that but still. Time is always flying and I try to fly to catch it but I feel like I can’t.

Still on the other hand, I don’t like only to lay without doing anything. Kind of working is keeping me alive. Then I atleast know that my life have a meaning. I know I’m doing something important. In a way, I’m lucky that I can do things. I’m lucky my legs are working and I can use my hands (even my back is hunged). I’m lucky I don’t have any bad physical injuries like my parents or the lady I’m takeing care of. 

Maybe in a way time actually is my friend, (even sometimes it could little bit slow down). As long as I will be able to chaseing time and run with it, I know I’m ok. So time actually tells me wether I’m ok or not.

(Then by the way, what’s interest, the less caffeine you drink, the more time you seem to have (it’s the feeling, ’cos you’re not so anxious then)).


That’s the painting I made for my partners birthdaypresent years ago. (Birds singing is natures own beautiful music…)


Music = Life –

I just red that article and started to think this subject, which have been also the topic in my mind what to write. I love music very much too! I think it’s hand in hand with my love to dancing. Music is the way to express myselves. Music gives the emotions and the whole meaning for dancemoves. Music wakes those up!

I think everyone is sometimes thought also the quetion: which one is more important: to be able to see, or to hear. What do you think? If I should choose, I would say that to be able to see is much more important than to (be able to) hear, even I love to listening music. Anyway, I hope I can keep both. 

I want to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I want to see oceans and lakes and flovers in the forest. 

Also I want to hear the birds singing and I want to hear all beautiful music. Without it I couldn’t dance so well either…or I could dance (with counting) but the emotion would be gone. I couldn’t feel my dance, I couldn’t live those feelings. It isn’t the same thing…

So both senses are really important (to me). We should be gratefull if we can do both! 

Let’s enjoy the beautiful music now…The following songs are all wakeing up some, (different) emotions…atleast my mind…The third one is love song. Doesn’t it go deep in your heart, like love? I feel so…


The 1980s…

…time with my grandma…

…summerdays at summercottage; learning to cykling, swimming at ”Saharanta” lake, burger icecream (yammy!)…

…ballet dancing (with my best friend), playing with Barbiedolls, churchs childrens camps, the first schoolday, skipping rope jumping…

…christmas evenings…

 …Pastirol pastils, liver casserole, ”Ruusun aika”(The Roses Time)-tv serie, ”Spede Show”-tv serie…

That is my NOSTALGIA!


At first I want to thank all of my new readers. So nice to have you all! Welcome to my blogworld!

Those who wait the blogpresentations, I haven’t done that, ’cos there in the list is just few blogs. So I hope, you go to article: ”Link your blog” and put your bloglink there.

Then to the real topic, witch is baltic herring market in Helsinkis main market square, in harbour. That market is arranged there every year in october. The first time this market was arranged already in 1743. So it’s very old tradition, where fishers are selling differently made fish, mainly baltic herring but there is also other fish (in addition other seasonal products, like lingon berries, blueberries, apples, chanterelles and so on). 

It used to be my familys habit to go to baltic herring market every year together but now my parents are so old that their moving is hard and they haven’t been there for few years. This year (yesterday) I decided to go there in the morning, before my work. (My workday is beginning at 10.00.) I bought one peruvianpepper herringroll pot to old lady I’m helping as my job and one same kind of pot to my parents. To my parents I also bought apples and ryemeal bred with herrings wich was so good! The combination was great! I just love so much ryebred. Couldn’t live without it!

Monday morning at the market was beautiful and quite warm (if we think that it’s already october). It was only 4 celcius but the wether was calm and sunny so it was not bad! 

The market square was full of japanese turists. They often visit in Helsinki at autumn. It’s nice to see that they get along in Helsinki. Japanese are surely enjoying this market, ’cos they (usually) love fish.

What’s rare, I didn’t saw any seagulls…witch is not bad, didn’t really miss them, though they are cute in a way, but very greedy! Once they almost took my bread at ”Suomenlinna”.

So I had lovely morning and for the long time ago I finally got to taste market coffee witch is a must thing if you go to market in Finland. 

That shadow is mine… 🙂

Looking delicious, right?

At left are cloudberry jelly, at right are sea buckthorn berry jelly…yammy!

These pictures are taken at some touristshops window near by market square.