Last year was a year of changes. A lot happened, both for us personally and in the world.

Well, everyone knows roughly what has happened in the world (such as the war in Ukraine, economic difficulties and the ever-changing corona situation).

I’m not going to say more about these, but I will say that we took the flu vaccine in the beginning of the year, because that too is causing a bad disease at the moment, at least in Finland. There are a lot of viruses going around here now. My mother unfortunately got sick in the nursing home just before Christmas with the A virus (influenza virus type), which is why we couldn’t see her. This saddened me a lot. I was hoping to see her at Christmas. The nursing home also had Corona virus on the move. My mother has had it mildly once. Fortunately, he already had three vaccinations by then. Speaking of vaccinations, I don’t understand why Finland doesn’t offer fourth corona vaccines to everyone (only to risk groups). However, we have over half a million extra vaccines that are about to expire. Wouldn’t it make sense to offer them to people? Or is it a better idea to just throw them away? In any case, I’m really happy that I don’t live in Helsinki anymore (where especially diseases spread).

I also found a nasal spray in the online pharmacy that prevents influenza and colds. I’ve never heard of that before. I ordered it right away. The preparation is also available as an oral spray, which I only read about afterwards, but according to what I read, the combined effect is the most effective, so I plan to get that as well.

At the beginning of the year 2022, big things happened in sports when Finland won its first Olympic gold in ice hockey. In the same spring big things also happened in my own life. The year started with my brother’s charter occasion. A little later in the spring I put my childhood home up for sale and the apartment was sold in the summer. We had to compromise somewhat on the price because that’s when housing prices started to come down. Fortunately, however, we sold the apartment then, and not now, when the prices of apartments are really low.

During the spring, the division of the inheritance was also started. For this, I had to apply for my mother’s trustee, for which luckily we had already prepared the papers few years earlier. (That is, a paper with my mother’s consent that primarily my brother becomes her guardian if necessary). I was the backup in case my brother was prevented. Since my brother had passed away, I became the trustee. All this required an awful lot of paperwork and explanations.

At first, I even received incorrect advice about the best way to proceed with this but apparently these things are made so difficult in Finland that even lawyers/other civil servants do not always immediately know how to act. That says a lot about this level of bureaucracy.

The peak of everything was when I was waiting for the decision to distribute the inheritance of the registry office and I found out that my lawyer had forgotten to send the actual application to the agency. He sent the inheritance distribution draft there, but in addition, the necessary application was missing. He had been on summer vacation and had forgotten about it. I understand that mistakes happen to everyone, but in our financial situation it was a pretty fatal oversight. Well, he soon sent in the application and naturally a positive decision came but the division of the inheritance was still not easy. After the decision, it took some time before I got anything for myself. In the meantime, I tried to reconcile the bills, and explain everywhere that we will get money soon, and then we will pay everything. This was a very stressful time… and all this in the midst of sorrow…


Last year also one of the biggest things happened for us. We finally moved into our new terraced house. Until now, I have always lived in an apartment building although I have always enjoyed the countryside. I love this rural setting and the peace. In addition to the location, I really like that this house has two floors and the kind of warm country house feel that I’ve always loved. We also have a small backyard and a balcony here. Indoors, I especially love the fireplace and my own sauna. I have never had my own sauna before. For many Finns, own sauna is a matter of course, for me it’s a luxury. I don’t know a better way to relax in the evening, than a gentle sauna baths. We also started the new year with a night sauna, while enjoying sparkling wine and watching the last fireworks from the window. Could it be more romantic?

Fortunately, the year changed in better conditions but at the end of last year, we received one more surprise shortly after our move, just when I thought that our new life would begin. We received a compensation claim from the buyer of my childhood home, related to water damage in the bathroom. Long story short: since we didn’t have the money to go to court, we were forced to pay her the settlement amount (which was done through a lawyer I hired). Several apartments had water damage, but I didn’t know it at the time. Also, I used a broker so I shouldn’t be solely responsible for this but there were two reports on the condition of the bathroom of which the broker says she only received the first one. Its information was not completely up-to-date at the time of sale. The housing company also reimbursed for buyer for its share so she did already received compensation money. Now my lawyer is finding out if we could get something back through the brokerage company’s liability insurance.

By the way, this buyer is selling the apartment now at a high price (she is a real estate investor), but she certainly won’t get anywhere near the amount she asked for it at the time like this.


As if there weren’t enough events for this year, I’ve apparently also had the onset of menopause as my problem, or at least it would seem so. I had hot flashes last year and I was a restless sleeper (although I’ve never been a very good sleeper). For some reason, the hot flashes disappeared after the third corona vaccine. After the second vaccine, my periods were completely gone for a long time, so I don’t know exactly what is the effect of the vaccines and what is not. However, there was a long break in the periods again, when they had already returned to normal after the second vaccine. However, this seems to be the beginning of the end for periods, whatever the reason. In a way, it would be nice to get rid of them, (they only bring unpleasant inconveniences and ailments), but then again, I do feel really old if they run out. Well, every woman faces this sooner or later.

This year has already started a while ago, I just couldn’t get this post done, one of the reasons being the gingerbread doll house shown in the video and photos, which took all the Christmas holidays to make. However, I wish everyone a very good continuation of this new year 2023! A good year would be a nice change after a long time, at least for me!



Beautiful snow landscape.

We in Finland do not need to dream of a white Christmas. Especially here in southern Finland, there has been lately more than enough snow. Sometimes it felt like the snowfall would never end. It just snowed and snowed and snowed for days.

One day when I went out, I barely got the door open and sank right into the snow as I stepped out the door. I had to get a shovel from the car and make a path to the road.

And as you can see from the pictures, our car was almost completely covered in snow until about a week ago. I was shoveling the car at night, when I also took those two pictures (I took the one without snow on the car earlier). I must have worked at night for almost two hours. Still, the next day we had to continue snow work together with my spouse for another two hours before we could get going.

Fortunately, we got the car front bumper (and the tires enough) out of the snow which was not an easy task at all. First you had to dig a proper passage to the car front bumper, so that you could work there. The most frustrating thing of all was that when you had cleared enough snow from the sides of the car so that you could work on the car, so much more snow kept falling from the roof, windows and doors that you had to constantly make more leg room. I would never have thought that (already in December) I would have to do such hard snow work. However, we are still in the southern Finland, close to the capital region, even though we don’t live in Helsinki. Southern Finland rarely has this much snow, especially these days.

Beautiful Christmas lights.

From my childhood in the 80s, I remember that there was a lot of snow, but apparently not that much, because a taxi driver told me one day that even though he has been driving a taxi for 35 years, he can’t remember when there was as much snow than lately.

On the other hand, it’s nice that we at least got a white Christmas. They don’t exist very often here in the south anymore. Even though it is no longer frosty, and yesterday’s rain came as water, I don’t think all this snow will melt by Christmas.

This year I haven’t had time to make a Christmas calendar due to moving (and other hassles), but maybe next year.




It has been an honor to be able to live in Finland for 42 years. Thank you for the beautiful moments in beautiful Finland, 105-year-old Finland!


Helsinki is now a life left behind for us. That landscape above is the view from our new home, about 30 km from Helsinki. More snow fell today, which made the landscape magically beautiful. Maybe this year we will have a white Christmas… I really hope so!

Here in the lap of nature, it’s nice and quiet. The connection with nature was born right away in autumn, when I was looking out the window at the birds that came to our bush every day.

One morning I woke up (from the sofa) to a strange noise and wondered where it was coming from. I opened my eyes, and noticed that the great tit was sitting on the handle of the courtyard door, and was knocking on the door. It was the best wake up call ever. This is exactly what Finnishness is at its best!

All Finns, be grateful for independent Finland!



I’ll quickly show you our new car: SEAT Leon. I’m so happy of this because we were more than two years without a car. Here are some good features in this car. The best part is that it parks itself. Neither of us likes (pocket) parking so this is a great feature! We are moving to a small town, so car is handy there! You can also get to Helsinki quickly by train e.g. to see my mother but the train station is about 2 km away and it’s about the same distance to the closest market so it’s good to have a car too.

The rush STILL continues, mainly because of the move this time. Just wanted to show this. I’ll be back again!


HERE’S ONE BEAUTIFUL, NATIONAL FINNISH SONG FOR YOU WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. This song is really dear to me. It is a piece of the Finnish soul landscape.

These -still quite summery- beautiful nature pictures go well with this even though summer is already over which can be seen in the cooling and darkening evenings! (Although it feels like the flowers just bloomed and summer was at its best, it’s over again, too soon as always!)


I have been very busy again but I’ll try to get the next post up sooner! However, don’t be upset if it doesn’t work out. I have still had a lot of practical things to take care of regarding my brother’s estate, inheritance distribution and our upcoming move, which I will tell you more about later but there is so much to do.

In the middle of everything, I feel like my menopause has started! At least I get weird hot flashes many times a day. In addition, I’ve been sleeping really restlessly, and my head doesn’t really work properly…

However, even though I’m exhausted, I still am really excited about the move! This is about to start a new great era in my life for which I have many plans. I hope I can implement at least some of them somewhere in the future!



On Wednesday 10.8. we received sad news that touched the entire Finnish nation. One of the biggest names in Finnish art and entertainment: Vesa-Matti Loiri (Vesku) passed away at the age of 77. He had two different cancers and nothing could be done anymore. Loiri already knew his own fate at the beginning of the year after receiving the diagnosis, and was prepared to leave this world behind.

Loiri had a long career as an actor and musician. He sang and played the flute. Loiri was also a talented athlete.

Loiri’s first film role (and at the same time his breakthrough as an actor) was Jake in the dramamovie ”Boys” (1962). ”The film deals with the relationship of the home front with the war and the German soldiers from the perspective of young boys from Oulu”. He received a lot of praise and a Jussi honorary certificate for his performance. In particular, the final scene of the film has stuck in the minds of Finns as a very emotional scene that still brings tears to my eyes every time. In this scene, Jake runs after the train, yelling ”mother” who travels by train with her new German Nazi husband away from her son.

One of Uuno’s many characters: ”Jean Pierre Kusela” became famous for this comic song: ”Laughing Tramp”, accompanied by pianist ”Puppe”.

However, his most loved role was the comedy character: ”Uuno Turhapuro”, who became the character of the whole nation. Vesa-Matti Loiri’s (Vesku) cooperation partner and friend Spede Pasanen produced 19 of the beloved Uuno films in the years 1973-2004.

One other Uuno’s characters: ”Tyyne” singing.

These movies always remind me of my childhood. Back then, we watched these as a family. I also went to see some of the films with my father in the cinema. My father was one of the biggest Uuno fans.

Loiri is also remembered for the songs he made from Eino Leino’s well-loved poems. With these songs, he sang his way into the hearts of Finns.

Uuno at dog school. From the movie: ”Uuno Turhapuro’s marriage crisis”

”There was only water in it.” (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Uuno Turhapuro’s memory keeps coming back intermittently”

There is no other like Loiri, and there never will be. Have a peaceful journey to heaven and thank you for all the laughs and the tears, Vesku! YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER IN THE HEARTS OF FINNS!!!

Uuno Turhapuro needs vacation. (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Double-Uuno”

A cigarette-long break (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Uuno in the army”

Haircut – From the movie ”Uuno in the Army”

The wallet (English subtitles) From the movie: ”Uuno in Epsanja”



My childhood home has now been emptied and the ownership of the apartment has changed. That was the end of a long and significant era in my life. In the last days of clearing, I found even more of all kinds of old and interesting things. I also found my old christening dress in the back of the wardrobe, in a drawer.

The key to the basement was also finally found, and there was no need to break the lock, as I had thought. The basement was full of all kinds of junk. It was fuller than I remembered. Among other things, there was a lot of clothes in the basement, more Donald Duck magazines and father’s car accessories, such as car tires, steering wheel, detergents, work overalls, etc. (My father was a car mechanic.) Even my old toys were found in the basement. So much old, long-forgotten stuff ahead. It felt like time travel to yesterday. It was a bit like rummaging through an old attic.

What I wanted to save from the basement were the photos I found (including the sixth grade class trip photo album), my old diplomas, the classic uncle Roope piggy bank from the 80s and my paintings in the old art school portfolio (a few of which in connection with this post).

Leaving the keys on the windowsill felt strange and it was hard to think that I would not return to that house again… Well, that part of my life is over now. Life changes and moves on

In the last few days my time has mostly been spent looking at apartments online with my spouse. We have few favorites already (and as soon as I get permission to share the inheritance, which has taken longer than expected), then we can go look at apartments and make offers.

We have also already come up with a name for our future dog after my father’s nickname: ”Ami”. We will probably get a German Shepherd because it is a smart and good guardian dog. To accompany the dog, we thought of getting a cat (I especially like cats, but my spouse has also warmed to the idea of a cat).

A Finished era.
”One died- two were injured Passenger car under the train”. Finding this newspaper clipping (9.8.1977) stopped me for a moment. This was moving to read, even though I never got to meet the couple. However, this couple that drove under the train was my parents friends. I had heard a lot about them. Mother has told me that they met with Liisa, who died in the accident, the night before. When they parted, my mother had said to Liisa normally: ”bye, bye”, to which Liisa replied: ”farewell”, as if she knew that they would not meet again.
Old Finnish money
Old money I found in my childhood home. I remember these 10-mark bills from my childhood.
Old Finnish money
This money is my parents’ youth from the 60s (both one and five mark banknotes below).
Old Finnish money
A finished era
Classic uncle Roope piggy bank from my childhood.
Chain letters
More chain letters. These are really beautiful.
Cat pillow case
A cat pillow case I made myself at school. This was a very gratifying discovery, the existence of this I no longer remembered.




This Midsummer is very different compared to all previous ones. One era is coming to an end. We found a new owner for my childhood home and the apartment will be available to her in mid-July. I find it strange to think that someone else is going to live in the apartment. In the apartment, which my parents bought back in 1969 when they got married and where they lived together for nearly 50 years, until my father passed away. I too, lived there all my childhood and youth, naturally.

I went to clean up the apartment about a week ago and I stayed the night to get more done because so much stuff has accumulated and no one has properly cleaned the apartment for years. I found some old stuff like old essays from high school, drawings, postcards (even my parents wedding cards and baptismal cards for me and my brother), some old magazines; (for example Donald Ducks from the 80’s and 90’s and ”Aisapuu” magazines -an interesting and nostalgic magazine about the area of our cottage town), an old diary and other writings, old letters from those I used to exchange letters with (the web was not yet so used, and correspondence was common) etc… I even found an old sticker book in elementary school and a booklet in which I had written stories as a child. They all reminded me of so many memories…

Despite everything, this is where a whole new time in my life begins. My spouse and I are leaving Helsinki. We are not yet sure where, but some housing options have already been considered. We want to get to a quieter (and more safety) place from here but not too far from my mother who’s here in a nursing home.

The future apartment will be our very own. Until now, we have lived in rentals. We will have a new, certainly better time. The former will disappear, but I’m sure the new time will bring a lot of good!

Apartment sales presentation.

HAPPY MIDSUMMER! Let’s enjoy the summer that has finally arrived in Finland also.


Gymnastics event great closing ceremony (field show) 12.6. in Tampere. The program begins with a beautiful women’s program: ”Clear Waters”, which also features former members of my team. The program concludes with another beautiful women’s program: ”My friend, my life”. If you haven’t seen gymnastics field shows before, I recommend watching this. They are great spectacles!

Gymnastics show: ”Feel it” From the exhibition center. Gymnasts of my former team also participated in the ”Forest” program of this show. The choreography is done by the instructor of this same team.



TAMPERE 9-12.6.-22

Welcome to Tampere, Finland’s third largest municipality (in terms of population). Tampere is home to 244,315 people and the total area of Tampere is 689.59. Tampere is also home to the famous Särkänniemi amusement park where stands Tampere ’s famous landmark: Näsinneula.

The Finnish GYMNAESTRADA, which is held every four years, is here again, this year in Tampere. The event has already seen amazing performances. It has hosted e.g. artistic gymnastics Finnish Championships and the third World Cup competitions in team gymnastics. Finland took a double win in the competition, which was won by Minetit and Gloria placed second. Today was also seen a spectacular ”Show it” evening show (which was televised live).

Tomorrow the event will culminate in the closing ceremony. We will also see a show: ”Feel it”, featuring women from my former flow gymnastics team.

”Show it”-show (YLE TV)

team gymnastics world cup -final (YLE TV)

The event dance.

I myself am not involved this year. I haven’t got myself into proper training mode since the covid-19 virus started spreading. Even before this, I had already suffered from severe anemia and had no strength to train.

Opening day moods.

Soon after, my father died, and indeed it became covid-19, with more illness and isolation, then my brother passed away and training motivation was zero… so I have been out of the training hall for a long time. Such big events like this in particular are not exciting at this moment that the epidemic is still raging but I hope to return to the species someday. Gymnastics itching hit a bit again after watching these programs.

Enjoy great performances and have a nice gymnastics weekend!