I was at Prague in 2004. I instantly fell in love to that city and I hope to get back some day! I think now on Christmas time it’s surely amazing.

There is anyway so beautiful as you can see on my photos whitch were mainly taken at old town.

Beautiful Vitus cathedral.

Detail on Vitus cathedral.


ADVENT CALENDAR 11.12. (An old acquaintance)

Today was a stressing day. At first I did sleep in. I had set my clock to wake up at 7.00. but I didn’t wake up until about 8.37. I was way too late. I left at home in ten minutes about.

My job task today was very far away my home. (Outside Helsinki.) The distance from there is over one hour…and it took eventually much more for me to get there…

I thought finally I’m there when my route guide showed me I’m at my destination but unfortunately it was wrong house (even the street was right).

Then I started to get worried cause I didn’t know which way to goand then my phone went off. My battery was empty. I couldn’t call and ask my way. I couldn’t check the exact adress which I was also not sure. I started to panic cause I knew I couldn’t get in to my customer without nurse, who were leaving to her next customer…and I still didn’t know where to go…

I saw a sign for house number 4. and walked forward. I was looking for number 8. I did ring someone’s doorbell nearby. Some woman came to open. I asked number of that house. It was number two so I realised I had to turn back.

I walked to the opposite direction. I saw a man outside one house nearby and asked the number of house. It was number 8. I was a little bit relaxed. I finally found the right house…but I wasn’t sure of the stairway letter. He said I can go to charge my battery to his home and I did. When I could open my phone, I had got message from one of my bosses and other of them called me…and my customers nurse called also to me.

The right stairway was next to where I was. We met outside of the door. I finally got to my customers house and the rest of the day was luckily quite easy. It was nice place. We talked a lot, drunk coffee, ate together and made physiotherapy.

After my job I went to visit to my parents and did grocery store shopping for them…

Well apparently everything can happend when you’re at new place where you’ve never been before…and damage doesn’t come alone…atleast for me…

Good night…and again I’m sorry I’m late with today’s post like I have been late all day in everything I’ve done…

ADVENT CALENDAR 9.12. (Training holiday)

These are roses we gave to our gymnastic team leader today in return to this autumn.

Today was our last rehearsal this year. It’s always little bit wistful. I have got use to see my teammates weekly and also I enjoy that relaxing moment at rehearsal. It’s like making art and my body is ”instrument”. It feels great!

I have learned more again this season which I’m happy for. I have learned some series which felt very difficult at first…and I feel my body technique is little bit better. I feel more capable to do different things. That’s amazing…specially in this age. I’m not so young anymore.

It’s definitely not true that ”Old dog doesn’t learn new tricks” like the phrase says…

Till tomorrow…


The winner of tv-show ”Putous” sketch character competition have been voted today. There were three finalists left. My favorite of them was from 3rd place ranked youthful , lively grandmother: ”Barbi De Voro” (voro=thief).

The second place took ”Make-vauva” (Make-baby) who was funny, precocious baby. I liked him too…

…but the winner was illusionist who works at Silja Line: ”Taika-Pasi”.

You can watch samples of those finalists talents  on these videos I linked for you…

I’m sorry I don’t have the english subtitles for you but there is also some music…

The song by Make-vauva is really good. He is singing about kids fairytales witch are often including quite weird things and are many ways surrealistic and absurd.

Good night!


Satu Silvo: ”Meadow of memories”

”…I remember the morning when the lake was frozen, how I cried by side of it. Summer come back again, I now it for sure, but summer like that don’t come back…”


This song brings me so warm memories of my childhood and summery ”Pekko” comedy movies which I loved by then. (It’s like the song says, those summers never come back again…)

”Pekko” is very sympathetic countryman bachelor. He’s acted by famous finnish film maker: Timo Koivusalo who also produced, directed and scripted these movies his selves.

It’s funny character, kind of like Pertti ”Spede” Pasasen’s character: ”Uno”. If ”Uno” is parody of finnish man, you could say ”Pekko” is better version of Finnish man. He’s kind, gentle, honest and he’s not avoiding work. He’s good man…and cute!

This song will bring a piece of summer in the middle of this dark winter…


Sininen unelma

Unelmoin sinisestä, Suomen luonnosta, taivaasta pilvettömästä, järvimaisemasta.

Samettisen pehmeästä, kauniista ja kuultavasta. Hetkestä sinisestä, äärellä rannan.



Today we are celebrating independence of Finland. 101-year old Finland is one year older again but still quite the same and as dear to me as always. My homeland! It’s so beautiful as you can see on the video.

Thank you for all who fighted for Finland at world war two!