I ordered food box to us to this day (25.4.) from Tokmanni (store). It is a box that contains 7 different meals. There are 2×600g packages for all meals and four different food box sets to choose from. For two people, the set has enough food for almost two weeks. That’s a lot of food for 50 euros.

We once ordered this same set with my spouse, and the price-quality ratio was so good that now I decided to re-order (the same) set with different meat and fish dishes (like casseroles and soups).

Last night I received a message announcing that my food box will arrive the next day at around 6-7pm. I waited all evening for food to arrive, but they never arrived. At first I thought the food was late, but 10.30. pm I stopped waiting. So we were left without food and the order has already been paid for online.

Luckily there were still meatballs at home that I ate late in the evening when I gave up waiting for my order to arrive. Hopefully the food will be delivered tomorrow (or more precisely today). If food does not arrive before evening tomorrow, I’m going to call and make a complaint about this.

Normally, they always deliver these food box orders on Mondays, so the order may be postponed until next week. We have the money calculated exactly, and there is no extra. This is tying up the money now, and yet we should buy something from the store if we don’t get our food order this week. This is so wrong when nothing is even reported. In general, all orders play pretty well in Finland. Even though they sometimes come late, they always come. This kind of activity makes you angry!

Anyway, I’m really tired and I have to go to sleep so good night, (good morning, or nice evening, whatever time of day there is)!

Cream cheese Brownies

Hello again!

Here’s another Easter post to you. If you don’t have a miraculous thing to do at the end of Easter, try this recipe! I made my own version of this delicious dessert yesterday which can be found on ”Kakkumonster’s” You tube channel. I really recommend you to try this!

Here’s the recipe:

20×30cm casserole (or oven tray)

12 pieces


200g dark chocolate

175g butter

3,5dl/2 cup sugar

2dl/0,9 cups flour

0,5 teaspoon vanilla powder or 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

a pinch of salt

3 eggs

cream cheese layer:

1 egg

200g unflavoured cream cheese

0,5 teaspoon vanilla powder or 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

0,5dl sugar

(Tupla Double Layer White Nougat Suklaapatukka 48G)

I also put ”Tupla” chocolate (Finnish traditional chocolate) on that surface, but you can use what ever chocolate you like. However I have to say, this was good match. At first I did think this is not good fit but when I tasted it later again after refrigerated, it tasted very delicious!! ”Kakkumonsteri” put Kinder chocolate bars in the dough. I traded them for that ”Tupla” chocolate (on the surface). Below is a link to her recipe.


Melt chocolate and butter in a water bath (or mikrowave should also make up). Let it cool.

Prepare the cream cheese filling (mix all the ingredients together).

Add sugar in chocolate butter mix.

Mix the other dry ingredients together and add to the mixture. Stir. Add eggs and stir.

Pour the dough on to oven casserolle or tray lined with baking paper (as I did).

Spoon the cream cheese over the dough. Shape the surface with a spoon into marble.

Bake in oven 170 degrees 30-35min. If you use oven tray, the cooking time will be slightly shorter.

(Sprinkle pieces of chocolate on the surface if desired.)

Serving suggestion: Serve with (nougat) ice cream. (This was a great addition, although of course this goes without ice cream also). You can also choose the taste of the ice cream according to your own taste, for example chocolate and vanilla are surely also good, but in my opinion this nougat ice cream was really delicious. It had such good crunchy balls as well inside it.




It’s easter time again. In honor of that, I’ll share a few videos suitable for Easter for you from the YouTube channel Jesse eats. If you don’t know who Jesse is, I recommend checking out his videos.

In short Jesse is the best racing eater in Finland who sometimes also competes internationally (and power athlete from which he has his own channel. He has won World Championships in powerlifting in 2017, 2019 and 2021.)

Without further ado… Let’s jump to the videos.

In this video, Jesse makes a world record for eating a Kinder chocolate egg, by eating 96 Kinder eggs. (Popular chocolate egg in Finland).

(Sorry, there is no subtitles for this video.)

I also recommend this video to you. Here Jesse eats half of every different Fazer chocolate bar (there are really a lot of them). (English subtitles available.)

In this video, Jesse eats five pounds of mämmi. If you don’t know what mämmi is, look at this and you will find out! (English subtitles available.)

So here’s a little Easter pastime for you…


Ps. What is your favorite Easter delicacy? My favorite is definitely chocolate eggs. I also eat mämmi and pasha but for me chocolate eggs are the most traditional and best Easter delicacies.


Hi again for a long time!

Here’s a link to a post from my favorite blogger: a Christian woman who always has great subjects and an immersive writing style.

The topic of this post will surely touch us all in one way or another. I was particularly touched by this writing at the moment because of my recent loss(es).

Losses are something you will never learn to understand or fully accept. There is empty space in my heart for everyone who left, especially my family members.

We can do nothing for these, and with losses we are forced to learn to live because they are part of life.

That is why life should be appreciated and enjoyed, for you never know when the last day is.

Even if the last few years have been difficult, I believe better times are waiting for me too.

More thoughts on this topic in this link:

Here are two songs that both fit into the moment of loss, although the first of these is probably intended to be more like break up song. This song was my favorite about twenty years ago and yesterday it suddenly popped into my head. In this situation, it reminded me of my brother, and how I would never see him again.

The second song is my enduring favorite from a great Finnish singer who has had a long career.

Scandinavian Music Group: ”Ei mun oo hyvä olla yksin” (It’s not good to be alone)

English lyrics:

When it gets dark outside, I’m waiting for you

I sit by the kitchen window, there is no tobacco

There are boys standing on the street, I’m looking for you


There’s nothing here without you. There is nothing without you. It’s not good for me to be alone.

There’s nothing here without you and nothing will come of this without you. It’s not good for me to be alone.

The traffic has stopped, I listen to the echo

I look forward to the quiet corridor

I’ve been sitting here for many hours, my legs goes dead (legs goes dead) I’ve been sitting here for many hours, my legs goes dead (legs goes dead)


Kaija Koo: ”Kylmä ilman sua” (Cold without you)

”Finland WINS GOLD in Ice Hockey & Goes Wild!”

In the midst of these uncertain times, something more entertaining to you…

I was supposed to publish this earlier but I forgot it… but better late than never so…

Check this out! This is really fun!

Almost as if we were back to 1995 and our first World Championship victory. The same songs echo in the background…

”SEE YOU ON THE MARKET PLACE”, as we say in Finland…

We really did!!!



GREAT JOB FROM THE LIONS! TODAY’S GAME WAS ABSOLUTELY TOP NOTCH. WE IMPROVED OUR GAME FROM THE PREVIOUS MATCH (which despite the winning didn’t quite go down the tube.) HOWEVER, WE MANAGED TO WIN EVERY GAME IN THIS TOURNAMENT… AND TODAY BECAME THE MOST IMPORTANT VICTORY!!! (It really was worth waking up at six in the morning to watch the game, even after just a few hours of sleep!)



This is quick post related to Olympia hockey.

I am happy to announce that Finnish ”Lion team” is in the semi-finals. The next *Finland-Slovakia match* will be played today at 6.00. Finnish time (that is, in 1.5 hours. I will try to stay awake until then.)

Finland has a tough team this year. Finally, we could have a chance to win Olympic gold for the first time. We already have three World Cup gold medals, but not yet any Olympic gold. Let’s hope that this will change now!

Here are the best pieces from our previous game Finland-Switzerland (5-1).

Have a nice day!


I haven’t had time to write because there’s still been so much of this paperwork after my brother’s death. At times, it felt like I was drowning in it. At least all the time and energy has gone into them. If there was anything that needed to be improved in Finland, it would definitely be bureaucracy. There is far too much of it here and it takes the juices out of man. First, you have to wait a really long time for all the documents you need and in addition, I received erroneous advices, which further lengthened the process. These things are so complex and case-specific that hardly anyone seems to know in all respects how they should be handled properly.

We also have two vacant apartments at the moment, the expenses of which run all the time: (Parents’ apartment and my mother’s own apartment where my brother lived). In addition, the mother has tough care fees. No one seems to care that we urgently need financial help. We could get the help with sharing the legacy. It just won’t work without the steps required by law.

Well now, at least, the estate inventory deed has been made and I have sent a request for confirmation of the trustee’s mandate for my mother so that the inheritance can be shared and the bank also demanded this (my mother no longer has legal capacity). That, too, required an awful lot of documents and clarification. Fortunately, it is now done.

This is also something I have been thinking about, and here one day all of a sudden, the answer popped into my head. Namely, the secret as to why Finns are the happiest people in the world time and time again. I once heard a saying like this in a funny Finnish TV show: ”With positive thinking, you are constantly disappointed, with negative thinking, you will be pleasantly surprised.” As a young person, I remember when I heard that sentence, I thought, “that’s so true,” even though it was meant to be a joke. Maybe this is exactly the Finnish thinking that has helped us survive and (-as crazy as it sounds-) stay happy… Thus, positivity can be achieved through negativity. It seems to work well!!



On the eve of the turn of the year, there will be a little deeper reflection about life. I started thinking about these things last night …


Someone once said somewhere that in middle age you realize you no longer know how to live this life. It is true. I don’t know anymore either. Maybe middle age really is like another puberty. You will start to rethink who you are and where you are going (more exactly where you are going than where you are coming from which was much thought about in that first adolescence.) However, it seems that there are again more questions than answers, just like at a young age. At some point, I kind of thought I knew pretty much every answers. I thought I knew how to live this life. Somehow I even little proudly thought I was wise and knowledgeable but then suddenly in my forties everything was unclear again. I was lost with myself and my life. There are, of course, many reasons for this, such as the onset of menopause but also all these experiences, especially the losses of recent years.

In Finnish the word puberty is translated ”murrosikä” which means transition age… and yes, I have really lived through the transition period now, so word ”murrosikä” is well suited to describe this time as well …

However, the biggest reason why you no longer know anything about life is, of course, life itself and the realization that one cannot really know the truth. One can only deduce something, and create one’s own views on different things but no one knows the true truth and the right answers. Life is ultimately a mystery.

It also makes you humble to realize that you never know the end of life either. One cannot know when or how it will happen. It’s easy to think that it happens when you’re old and sick, but it doesn’t necessarily go that way.

Things often don’t go the way you would have thought. Almost everything cannot be planned or controlled as you (in a certain way) probably imagined when you were young.


Every day and every year we move towards the unknown, and anything can happen at any time, like this surprising covid -19 pandemic that stopped the world and changed views on life again. Even this period of exception has been going on for two years now, and it is still going on, and no one knows when it will end.

The biggest news of the year that has been featured almost daily is still Covid. It has lately punished also Finland with unprecedented severity.

On the other hand, I think this new variant of omikron might even be a way out of a pandemic. However, it is clearly milder than its predecessors, which may predict a weakening of the virus. It may remain with us, but it will likely become like any common flu virus.

If all goes well, the coming year will be brighter for the covid, but in addition, light will also be visible in my own life but no more about it yet…

I have lived a lot in the memories of the past lately, after the loss of my family members but now let’s turn our gaze to the coming year and hope for the best. I really hope for a happier year, there have been quite a few sad ones… and…


Usually I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but now I do this one: I promise to try to LIVE more IN THE MOMENT and APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE!


On Sunday night I was walking in the beautiful winter weather. There was a wonderful peace around, no one was anywhere. For once, I was able to enjoy complete silence in the fresh frost, without fear of crowds. Such night walks could be the norm.

Here are pictures of the beautiful night winter landscape. The street lights made the night sky shine bright and the trees glowed in shades of gold and silver. It was so beautiful!