Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Dreams of childhood

From the left to the right: my father, my mother, me and my grandma on christmas eve (1986 I think)

Some time ago ago I found these posts

I did read those and I got the idea of my own version of this topic. I had actually one short draftpost touching this topic (without name). Now it’s time to make this post complete…

I am dreaming of getting back in time when I didn’t have to think anything else than just like what to play next or how to get homework done, the beautifull, pure childhood time. Even the time when I grew up a little bit to a teen and my biggest issue was how to find a boyfriend, was still great too. Those times when specially my closest familymembers: father and grandma (who were also aImost living with us before hospitalized and with whom I had so fun together), was alive. Both godfathers and godmother was alive, (if I’ll go further to my childhood even grandpa was alive but I don’t remember him so well. He was hospitalized when I was about six years old. I’ve heard that I’m a lot like my grandfather. Philosophying and analyzing everything like him. I wish I could have known him better.)

Me and my new hat on summer 1986(?)

I’m dreaming of getting a time machine and spending one week with those close ones, be innocent, care free child once more. If only I could be and enjoy every moment, be present without worrying the past or the future. Immerse myself in inspiring plays. Jump on a skipping rope on the yard. Dancing ballet with my best friend putting my soul into it. Go to play ground with my grandma. Go once again to summer camp or weekend camp. Spend a truly joyfull christmas with the excitement of presents.

If only I could really feel alive and run free bare foot in the wind, feeling grass under my soles or dancing with the raindrops, and laugh, laugh so hard that my stomach aches. I think I lost that ability years a go, like many of us in middle age I guess, too many…What happened to us after those happy days? Life happened. Too much losses, too much responsibilities, too much worrying, too much everything…

That one happy week back in childhood, that’s what I dream of…but too bad, I can’t make that dream come true…


Bye bye, garden birch! The old birch at the garden of our summer cottage (behind those faded black currant bushes in front of the house) folded at storm awhile ago. For so many decades (and many generations) it did delight us there. It survived of many storms through the years no matter how hard wind dragged it. It just stood strongly and beautifully there. Now that weak old tree came to end of it’s life. It couldn’t fight anymore. Just as people decay and past away (like part of my acquaintances from this village, and my father and  godfather also) so will everything else decay and fade away.



The show have started again…The great glamorous dance show and it’s time to let that star dust flow in to your room again

Already three dances have been danced (Miisas dance links are ordered till the first live show from the third). This year there is a little bit extra excitement to me because my favorite vlogger Miisa (a girl from my beloved town of Keuruu) is competing. I hope she will make it to the final! She have made really fine untill this (as you can see on those videos). She’s looking like dancer I think. You can see she’s a former (flow)gymnasts. Her hands are so smooth…but her legs is also doing a great job. Let’s hope she gets even better and stays along because there is some other good couples too and I’m sure this will be tough competion…but I think she will manage! Good luck to you, Miisa!!!

There is a link to Miisas vlogpost (TTK/DWTS) first live show -a whole day with a back stage visit-. It’s very interesting (and brings me memories of my own ”back stage” experiences. It’s always exciting). Unfortunately Miisa is making only finnish videos so this link is only for finns (or people who understand finnish well).

There’s also a video link to 2018 tv-commercial of this show which includes my own poem.

If you still haven’t watched it you can do it now. You can also watch here my post touching this where’s (a free) english translation of my poem.

Till the next time…


I was lucky to see this very beautiful sun set (through the window) on metro station last autumn.

I kind of ”promised” you long long time ago to make some post more were I’m showing you Helsinki. Now I finally made one. It took some time but better later than ever. So here you are!


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In this slide show you can see the beautiful ”Kallio” area church.


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This is the old famous library in Helsinki City…


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…and here you can see…

  1. The very beautiful Johannnes church which is my parents wedding church. 11 years before my birth, my parents married there. I can almost see them walking down the stairs…This new gothical church is the beautiful landmark of Helsinki.
  2. On the opposite of this church there is a renowned school where I have been painting pipes as a summer job years ago.

These next slide shows are from ”Hakaniemi” area. It’s a beautiful seashore zone, where’s lots of boats (many of those working as restaurants) and some of those are ferryboats running for example to Suomenlinna island and to Korkeasaari zoo. I was walking there on one beautiful, warm summer day and took these photos. (I rather walk these days as much as I can than use the public transport, specially as lovely day as this was). Luckily I did (walk) because this little afternoon walk inspired me so much that I finally ended up to finish this post.


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This statue: ”Maailman rauha” (=World peace) is the present from Moskova, made by Oleg Kirjuhin. It was bestowed right after Berlin wall crumbled.


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On this slide show you can see:

  1. A nice pink house on the area called: ”Sörnäinen”.
  2. A statue on ”Vallila” area. (Don’t ask me about this statue, don’t know any details).
  3. A beautiful, old wooden houses on ”Vallila” area.

That’s all by now. I’ll try to write sooner next time. I was gonna share you for example my experiments on korona time for long time ago but I have had so much going on in my life that I got no chance to make that post. I will make it as soon as possible.

Have a nice week!


We left our last goodbye to our dad with my brother on 9.7. and landed him to his grave. Now hi’s sleeping his everlasting dream beside my grandmother and grandfather.

When we came to the grave, it was like we have been gone for eternaty. The grave looked so old. It had became mossy and Worn out. Sure it’s been a while when we were there but not decades however as it felt. Anyhow there will be new engravings soon.

It´s always so peacefull at the cemetery and the weather was great. So warm and beautifull. Somehow I felt some kind of peace of mind watching those big old trees and listening birds singing.  Maybe that was a sign that my father´s soul is in the better place where hi´s feeling fine. Speaking of those trees, they have seen a lot. They have seen many funerals and many many sad people. I don´t know how old these biggest trees are but those must be atleast 100 years old or something like that.

After the short ”ceremony”, we were walking and checking the new graves. Also part of the graves were removed. Behind our family grave we found one grave either of us didn’t remember exists even it’s been there since 60’s. We noticed it was a child in this grave. A child who died in the year of 8. We wondered what did happened…

There were also one special moment. The moment you only can experience at once. This moment was when I kept my dad in my cord for a while. That was (naturally) never possible when he was alive. This tall man were shrinked terribly. It was a weard feeling, keeping my own dad in my cord. It have always been the other way around. He kept me in his cord when I was a child. Well that’s life. Everything is changing always…



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Finnish Summer brings it’s best now. The flowers are blowing and smelling amazingly great! Our nature is most beautiful right now! Also there is light almost through the whole day and night!

This summer came so suddenly in the middle of this corona crisis that it quite surprised me and also wake me up (after this long home ”quarantine” which I have been having). I was gonna write an own post of corona for a while a go… but now it’s not the right time for that. No it’s time to enjoy (our short) summer! So lets do that! (I will tell you more later. There’s so much happened).

A great summer food, isn’t it?!

Have a happy midsummer you all!!!

That midsummer poem is in finnish cause I can’t write poems in english.


Kaukaa musiiki raikaa, on siellä Juhannustanssin taikaa. Kukkii kukat, tuoksuu maa. On kesä parhaimillaan.


I saw a dream of my father one night. I was in front of my childhood home and my father was at the door. He was looking for the keys and didn’t find those.

He was angry because he didn’t find his keys (like he surely would have been in real life also in this kind of situation.) I was scared of meeting my father there cause I new my father is dead. I had my friend with me near of our house and so I called her to come closer. She came and I showed my father to her. I tried to say something but I couldn’t speak. I remember I tried to call my father but it was only a silent whispering what came out of my mouth. I was very anxious and my breathing got really heavy. I could strongly hear the sound of my breath. My father stopped what he was doing (finding the keys). He just stood still and I got the feeling he was surprised of my reaction. Like he would be thinking why am I acting this way. Then I woke up.


What a weard dream this was…but I think I got the message. My father didn’t find the keys obviously cause he doesn’t live there anymore. He’s place isn’t there anymore…Still, it’s natural for me to see him staying there, cause he have been there most of my life. Father is still living in my subconscious!

There is still one thing I don’t understand. Why it’s sometimes happy meeting when you see deceased people in your dream and sometimes scary?


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It’s here…


We’re back at 20’th century…

I can’t believe it. Like we have been traveling in time…or just traveling…over years…That number (2020) feels so absurd. I mean then years have passed by of the new year 2010 and twenty years of the new year 2000 (millenium) but the good thing is I always loved 20’s style. I think we should take it back…So (never mind the middle age crisis and) welcome back 20’s!!!

I want to thank all of my customers of the last year 2019! I’m so grateful to have you all! Without your positivity my year would have been even more worse what it already was! You keep me alive I can tell!

I don’t wish anything so much than just simply that this year is easier than the last one. 2019 was very hard for me and took all of my energy so I wish I can get it back and get a fresh new start! I just want to be health and happy!

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The year of losses *2019*

Last year took more than gave, much more…

There were big losses. For me the biggest loss was naturally the loss of my father but…

…also there were other losses. Publicly known people losses. We lost inter alia all them:

  • Mikko Saarela (16.1.1958-11.1.2019) -musician, song writer, biologist, founder and basist of the popular finnish band: Eppu Normaali
  • Emiliano Sala (31.10.1990-21.1.2019) Argentinian star socker player
  • Olli Ainola (23.6.1958-27.1.2019) finnish tv-journalist, chief of radio ”Yle” (=public broadcasting company) tv news finance shipment
  • Matti Nykänen (17.7.1963-4.2.2019) Legendary ski jumper

  • Ismo Kallio (16.2.1935-2.2.2019) finnish actor who is well known for his imitations of finnish president: Mauno (”Manu”) Koivisto (1982-1988) and was called as ”auxiliary Manu”
  • Gordon Banks (30.12.1937-12.2.2019) one of the best goalies who did lead England to it’s one and only world championship 1966
  • Olli Lindholm (19.3.1964-12.2.2019) Vocal of the popular finnish band: ”Yö”

  • Karl Lagerfeld (10.9.1933-19.2.2019) Well known German fashion designer, specially known for the head designer of Chanel
  • Keith Flint (17.9.1969-4.3.2019) Vocalist of the 90’s and 2000’s popular band: ”Prodigy” made suicide
  • Luke Perry (11.10.1966-4.3.2019) an actor who was well known of his role on Beverly Hills 90210 tv-serie.
  • Lasse Pöysti (24.1.1927-5.4.2019) finnish actor, director, leader of the theater and script writer
  • Olli Mäki (22.12.1936-6.4.2019) finnish star boxer, the only one who have won European champion ship
  • Kari Pesonen (11.2.1961-20.4.2019) Vocalist and song writer of the finnish band: ”Puolikuu” (half moon) passed away only few hours before gig
  • Ken Kercheval (15.7.1935-21.4.2019) An actor who was well known from the Dallas tv-serie
  • Oiva Toikka (29.5.1931-22.4.2019) Successful finnish glass artist
  • Reijo Taipale (9.3.1940-26.4.2019) finnish adult pop star with a long track
  • Peter Mayhew (19.5.1944-30.4.2019) Well known from Star Wars movies as ”Chewbacca”
  • Doris Day (3.4.1922-13.5.2019) One of the most popular actor and singer on 50’s and 60’s
  • Anna-Kaisa Hermunen (17.2.1948-13.5.2019) finnish journalist who was well known from the tv-program: ”Hermunen”
  • Peggy Lipton (30.8.1946-11.5.2019) An actor specially known from the tv-serie: ”Twin Peaks”
  • Niki Lauda (22.2.1949-20.52019) Three Times winner of the Formula 1 (1975, 1977, 1984). One of the most legendary formula drivers ever.
  • Joonas Loiri (17.4.1982-29.5.2019) finnish DJ, music video director and provider also known as son of entertainment artist Vesa-Matti Loiri
  • Jose Antonio Reyes (1.9.1983-1.6.2019) did die on car accident. He was popular player of soccer- team ”Arsenal”
  • Billy Drago (30.11.1945-24.6.2019) An actor and stunt well known from the movies: ”Untouchables”, ”Freeway” ”Mysterious Skies”
  • Carl Gustav Jernström (31.7.1944-14.7.2019) Founder of the circus Finlandia (1979) whitch is still one of the most popular finnish circus
  • Claes Andersson (30.5.1937-24.7.2019) was minister, writer, psychiatrist and jazz-musician
  • Jorma Kinnunen (15.12.1941-25.7.2019) Well known javelin thrower
  • Toni Morrison (18.2.1931-5.8.2019) was first afro-American woman who won Nobel literature prize 1993. On her books she described the life of black women these days and in history.
  • Jeffrey Epstein (20.1.1953-10.8.2019) was a multimillionaire and investment banker. He made suicide in jail while he was waiting his trial regarding to under aged vice ring.
  • Princess Christina (18.2.1947-16.8.2019) Princess of Netherlands was the queen Juliana’s and Prince Bernhard’s youngest daughter and queen Beatrix’s youngest sister.
  • Juhani Kärkinen (28.10.1935-29.8.2019) Finnish successful ski jumper on 50’s and 60’s. He won gold medal at Lahti world championships 1958.
  • Jukka Virtanen (25.7.1933-1.9.2019) was finnish well known writer, journalist, singer, script writer, speaker. He was multifunctional media man.
  • Robert Gabriel Mugabe (21.2.1924-6.9.2019) was the politician and leader of Zimbabwe. He was the prime minister 1980-1987 and the president of Zimbabwe 1987-2017.
  • Kari Toivonen (1942-28.9.2019) was finnish long-time reporter on YLE
  • Kyllikki Forssell (2.51925-7.10.2019) an actor who got pro-Finlandia medal and the title of theater Counselor
  • Aila Meriluoto (10.1.1924-21.10.2019) was poetist and writer. She published her first still popular poetry work: ”Lasimaalaus” (=glasspainting) 1946.
  • Mervi Tapola (14.4.1954-30.10.2019) was the heir of Tapola-meat processing Company and the ex-wife of Matti Nykänen. They were married two times and their relationship was very stormy and it was implied on finnish media.
  • Anne ”heinäsirkka” (=grasshoper) Taskinen (3.2.1958-7.12.2019) Finnish rock-musician, actor and journalist. After her rock-career she worked at radio, the freelancejournalist of finnish newspaper (Iltalehti) and occasion organiser.
  • Marie Fredriksson (30.5.1958-9.12.2019) Best known as vocalist of The Roxette pop-rock band.
  • Ari Behn (30.9.1972-25.12.2019) Writer and spouse of Norwegian princess Märtha Louise 2002-2016

I’m sorry, this comes little late (I visited at my mom on new year’s eve and I was at work on new year’s day) so I have been busy but anyway better later than never…

…Happy new year everybody!


It’s Christmas time. Time to calm one’s mind and spend peacefull days with closest ones…

…time to love…

…and time to memorize those who’s not there anymore. In my inner circle there is quite many of those who’s gone already. They live only in my memories and I have gave my thoughts to them as every Christmas.

With warm thoughts I will remember this year specially my father (who passed away on July) but sure also my grandma and grandpa and all of you my deceased closest ones…

Also don’t forget to rest and enjoy on Christmas days.

Let this Christmas be full of love without any weekday stress!!



Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.

The liquorice on the photo of this slide show is the genuine old Vyborg liquorice in year 1906. It was the home town of my grandpa who was born in 1904.


My dear home land is 102 years old today. I’m so grateful I have been blessed to grow and live here, one of the best places on the world!

Even though we’re usually wining and seeing the negative things (I’m not the one to blame), on our independence day I have to admit Finland is still quite good land to live! It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful (full of lakes and forests) and it’s pioneer on many things! Finnish people are honest. One good example of that is the fact we’re the only country in the world who have payed all war debts.

I have to say this (and today it’s the least I can do): I LOVE FINLAND AND FINS!


On Wednesday I was at interesting photo exhibition at library, where were old photos on ”Pakila-Paloheinä” districts in Helsinki. The oldest photos were taken on the early 1900 and the newest on 1980’s(-1990’s). Many of those photos were taken on winter war. There were books also, about war and bombing in whole Helsinki and about these named districts. It took a long time for me cause I got so exited to read those books and taking pictures. Part of those pictures you can see here.

The old wartime News. Newspaper: Finnish social democrat. Headlines: ”The contract of truce have been written”.”Finland is loosing ”Karelia” and ”Petsamo”. ”Porkkala” for bace.””

There is my old school on the right. It got hard hits on bombing in February 1944.

Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.

On this slide show you can see for example Presidents House, sailors home, Senat market, an old historic building on the ”Rauhankatu”. (Ironically rauha means peace in finnish). Those all got hard hits on those same bombings 1944. There’s also ”St.Lauri” church at Vantaa -before and after- the year 1893 major fire catastrophe. The last photo includes: 1.Estonia theater (made by finnish designers: Wivi Lönn & Armas Lindgren) which was destroyed on Tallinn bombing and

2. Middle Ages church at The Tallinn old town. Later the church was renowed and replaced with museum and concert hall.

Old Schoolbuildings.

First photo: The residents of Pakila at shelter course at November 1939. The last one: Soldiers are marching at Pakila 1944.


  • Residents about 120 000, Whole population 265 000
  • Massive bombings 6.-7.2. & 16.-17.2. & 26.-27.2.1944
  • Bombers about 2000
  • Bombs about 2600 tons
  • Bombs to the main city under 5%

I hope you all have had a great independence day! Good night!

Photos and other source:

Helsinki massive bombing 1944

Helsinki’s rural municipality history 1865-1945 (these days: Vantaa town).