Bachelor Joni made his decision the day before yesterday (at tv). He had two beautiful and elegant lady’s left: brunette girl (Janette) and blond girl (Kaisa). I thought he will choose that sparkling, sweet, always joyful Kaisa but I was wrong. He chose that (brunette) Janette who was ok too but I just didn’t feel that same warmness which came over from Kaisa.

Anyhow, I’m happy for them! I wish them all the best! (Oh yes, they’re still together. I heard it on bachelor extra.) They are soon also moving together. (They’re talking inter alia about this on that video below and ofcourse about their love.)

Kaisa was very peaceful and respected the choise Joni made. (video below)

These soaps was smelling so euphoric. I wish I would have a smell phone, so that you could smell it too.

This next one is interesting…Maria left on half way of the competition because she couldn’t swallow bachelor’s over night date with Janette. Maria was quite hot-headed person, someone maybe could say a diva, so she was so up set that she couldn’t stay after this. Or was she just so jealous? She is really verbally attacking to bachelor. In the end she said that she don’t believe she can feel anything anymore and left in the middle of her dates. To camera she said she don’t want to be some ”guinea pig”. I kind of understand that negative vibe she felt, even though competitiors should also keep in mind that is a television show and it can’t be compared to normal life…Well, that is hard game…Some can play that game, some can’t…


The beautiful trees at my home hoods in spring colors.

I had birth day few days ago. (So I have been living this life 38 years already (which sounds really weird and really surrealistic).

My birth day was very different than ever before. In the morning I went to take blood test. There were long queue like usually. I sut there to wait my turn. I was extremely tired cause I didn’t sleep almost at all the night before and I had previously sleep debt. I was dreaming of cup of some fine coffee (like ”President” or ”Juhla mokka”) but unfortunately I couldn’t drink it before blood test.

I sut there a while watching tv before I started to feel faint. I thought that maybe a coup of water will help and went to get water but it was too late. When I came back to my place I did faint.

One beautiful tree more.

When I woke up, there was many worried people around me. That wasn’t my first time I fainted and I was not worried. I was just thinking like ”I’m ok, don’t you worry”.

Then I was taken to the resting room where I waited nurse a while to take the blood test. After that came another nurse who ”interviewed” me and took more tests and measured my fever which was normal. Also other test results were very good! (Blood test results weren’t yet completed.)

Nurse believed that the reason what caused my faint was dehydration. My blood pressure probably decreased quickly because of that which can sometimes happend. I think that part of the reason could be also my sleep debts and being without nutrition on that morning.

In addition I noticed I had hurt my left flank when I fell down on my chair (which felt like chest pain). Nurse did palpate it and noted it’s not broken. Everything seemed to be ok and eventually she let me go home.

On my way home, I bought my first strawberries on the market this spring. Those costed only 4€. Surprisingly cheap price this time of the year!

I also went to pharmacy and bought pain killer. Those I have been eating every day since this. So the pain haven’t ease up. I wish it will soon, or I will loose my mind! I don’t want to eat pain killer’s like candy!

This is troublesome pain cause I feel it strongly when I exhale deeply, cough, sneeze, get up on the bed, put my tights on or a little when I’m laughing. Also any sudden movements or jerks are no good.

Like one day when I was at tram, it did suddenly brake and I swayed. I felt that in my flank also. Well, luckily I have no flu right now (when I probably would cough and sneeze much more!)

Have a great new week!


Finland fighted last evening at hockey game against Kanada and also at Eurovision song contest, which result came late at night (finnish time).

That hockey game went better than I could imagine, even in my wildest dreams. It was total walkover. We won 5-1. The weirdest thing is that we lost the game before this, against Denmark which should have been much easier game. I think we didn’t take that game serious enough…and sure Denmark played better than usually. Still, based on that game, I thought we will loose the Kanada game too! Luckily, we didn’t!

The Eurovision song contest went more with familiar scheme. Meaning we didn’t succeed. We were second last in finals (however we made through to finals). Our singer: Saara Aalto said aptly: ”The remained in away”. (If someone doesn’t know yet, she have always been second in every competition, like I have told you). It seems like number two follows her everywhere.

I did hope (and actually also really believed) Saara would succeed atleast little bit better, but -once again- I was wrong. (What a ”surprise”!) Even Uk didn’t give many points to us (like we thought in Finland cause Saara have fanns there and (I think she’s still) living there). Well, it didn’t help! Maybe that’s our destiny, we will ever succeed at ESC (except that one time in 2006 when Lordi surprisingly won. That must of been some mistake…) but I also have to admit that something were missing on our song. It was ok but it wasn’t super. It was a little bit flat…and it didn’t give justice to Saara’s versatile and wide voice!

Israel won with tacky and rhythmic song. It was quite nice but in the end I liked most of Moldova’s song (final songs, where weren’t included many of my semifinal favorites). Also I started to like France’s song.

Next in hockey we will beat Germany. The second period just started so I will watch and cheer Finland to win!

Happy mother’s day!

(I have two versions of Eurovision song videos cause those live performances is not necessary working in every country (atleast one of those weren’t). So if the first (live) clip isn’t working, try the next one!)


The video of Saara’s performance at Eurovision didn’t play in every country. Hopefully this music video of her song will play.

There below is also my other favorites of the competition songs…

This song did not reach to finals which I marvel. It’s so tacky and very beautiful song. It sounds like britpop hit song!

This song didn’t either reach to finals but I like this sound.

Latvia’s rank will be clear at midnight (Finland’s time). They will compete in today’s second semifinal.

Germany is automatically in finals like the all other biggest sponsor country’s of this competition (United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain). Germany’s competition song is nice!


Saara Aalto got through the Eurovision semi-finals and goes to the finals! I promised last year not to comment any finnish Eurovision songs anymore (if we don’t succeed with that beautiful song: ”Black Bird” and we didn’t). So I won’t say anything, I just hope the best! (Actually if I’m honest, I don’t really even believe we could win this time). Besides if Saara continues with the same rank than before, she will be the second one as in every competition she’s been… 😉

Anyway, I was very surprised that Belarus and Croatia didn’t got through the semi-finals. I liked those songs very much and I was sure that Belarus is atleast in top 10.


Good luck to finals Saara! Your show is great and you look great too! Show your skills to Europe!


This decorating (for our show to Turku at June) wasn’t very easy job! Those little pastes were very hard to set they’re placies…but I got it. We got the freedom to create our own decorations (under the neck) but it must be silver. So all of the shirts are very different but still beautiful.

You know in Finland we are celebrating ”Taiteiden yö” (The art night) at autumn. Well, guess what? Myart night” was at Sunday. First at day we were decorating our shirts to Gymnaestrada (after training)…

…and then in the evening I watched hockey game (Finland’s MM-battle started Saturday when we faced Korean). Sunday evening we were playing against Latvian and both of the games ended 8-1 for Finland. Quite great plays! We also made penalty kill goals at both Games. At Korean game we made no less than three penalty kill goals which is Finland’s record in one game. That could also be called as art, like commentator said too. Looking good! Keep on that, Finland! Tomorrow we will beat Norway…

…and good luck also Saara Aalto to Eurovision semi-finals!


Except not always. Last months I haven’t really felt that way because of many reasons…but this is a good reminder to keep the positive things in your mind too and not let the bad things take all that good away!

19.4. I was at stomach ultrasonography because my periods been quite uneven lately. At gynecological operations and blood test all seemed to be normal.

Usually I have periods three weeks fortnightly. Now I haven’t had those for five weeks and while earlier those did begin after two weeks already. At that time those did also usually last longer, even over week which was so annoying. Now I’m waiting for my periods desperately. I don’t think I never waited so long than this time. This is very untypical for me.

The ultrasonography operation was quite interesting. Did you know that you have to drink 1 liter 2 hours before that and not go to toilet? Nice…It’s not, I can tell you. Already days before I was scared of that I can’t cope with this. That if I drink so much I have to go to toilet or else I don’t manage to get to the doctor. That was exactly what happened. I couldn’t make it. At first I thought that ok maybe I can do this, I drunk water and juice and I was fine but then an hour went by and I was beginning to leave when I realised that nope, I can’t make it. Nature called me really badly! Well, I called to appointment office where they said that it’s ok if I go to toilet and start drinking after that again, atleast some. I drunk water on my way to doctor, and I made it there finally, a little bit late.

In the lobby there were some older woman who didn’t know how to use the registration automat. I did help her with that and then I got my own line number too. I kind of helped that girl behind me too (who came while after me) cause without me any of us couldn’t get the line numbers…

The operation itselves was easy. Only it was little bit uncomfortable when doctor pulled my stomach (because of my need). Everything seemed to be ok. I have two little lumps in my uterus which are not (necessary) needing any operations unless those makes symptoms. I started to think that maybe those could cause the problems of my periods…or then these problems could be caused by my thyroid which is little low. It have been vibrating for years and been usually barely normal. I think medication could maybe help me specially now when I have the problems with my periods and also I can’t sleep well and I’m always more or less tired…Well, let’s see what happens. I have blood test again on my birth day.

I have been so week last months. I have had some infection and maxillary sinus problems almost whole time more or less on (like on off). I have been reading about what could help and found good indications but I will write more on that later. So ’till the next time. Hope you’r all feeling better…

…and thank God it’s May already, my favourite month of the year. It is helping me fighting against this exhaustion. Finally winter is crushed!


Hello may! I have been missing you so much. It’s great to have you back! (Although the weather have not been the best, a typical May Day weather in Finland which means quite cold, grey and little bit rainy day. Well, luckily this year we didn’t get any sleet or snow.)

Hope you have had a fun and nice May Day! It’s almost over again but I wanted to share few pictures with you. So here you are!

Nice shoes, or what!

May Day balloons at Vuosaari.