I took this photo yesterday in our yard on my way to grocery store.


It’s been ”nice” weather here. (Now it’s little bit better but) yesterday evening when I watched out of the window I was shocked. There was snowing and the ground was white too. (Just in case If you don’t know, this is not normal here in Helsinki in this time of the year, maybe norther it could be happening but not in south). For a while I thought that maybe I’m still sleeping and that snow was only a dream but nope, it wasn’t a dream…I’m really waiting the spring already. I’m so tired of this winter weather. Even when there hadn’t  snow there have been cold and the sun haven’t barely came out in this whole year. That’s weard too!

The day before yesterday spring came here for one day. Birds were singing and the sun shined so brightly. I was so sure that it was a start of the spring but obviously I was wrong. 

There is only one good thing that spring haven’t come yet. We still have studded tires in our car, luckily. Many people have already changed their tires like it basically should have according to the law but we knew that the weather forecast did picture a bad weather. Still I’m wondering where are you spring? I miss you, please come back! 

Have a great May Day!

”ELÄMÄ ON JUHLA” (”Life is a celebration”) 

I hope you watch this (again)! There is everything what life is about in this one beautiful and touching song…


Throughout the bump bed floated the ferry of hips, along route uneven, oh that happiness of young couple, Child birth finally that reflector of fulfillment 

Life is a celebration

A childhood that only one, like a scratch in your knee, only a blow and it’s gone, you’r reached by the troubled youth, with every dorm you’r holding up your pain

Life is a celebration

The student headwear on your head when you’r running hands up and shouting ”hello freedom!” so here will come the straight cut, you put down your moving box, the restless neighborhood 

Life is a celebration

Oh good, how beautiful you are, falling love just yesterday, so amazingly smouldering, you met each other on the street, two separated planets too far away each other

Life is a celebration

Life is a celebration

The finishing of studies, the wedding day and the cut of cake, rice on stairways at the church and contentions of months, the wedding ring of disappointments billowing to uphill road

Life is a celebration

Throughout the bump bed, floated the ferry of hips, along route uneven, one can cry of happiness, the preast christening first born, more better I can’t put it

Life is a celebration

Life is a celebration

Life is a celebration

Then it’s coming take unkind, middle age is arriveing, it can fearfully wipe quickly over you, it’s fold of entrants conventions are cut

Life is a celebration

The time is moving forward, you’ll see the familiar resolution in you’r grand child’s movements, it’s christmas evening once again, you open up you’r two packets and watching you’r loved ones

Life is a celebration

Suddenly the oldness is rolling by like a heavy stone, it’s said that the deth is a tradesman and expert, when the safety is passing it will be the sigh last one

Life is a celebration

Life is a celebration


”Born in Heinola” is movie about the great finnish punkrock band: ”Apulanta” (which means by the way ”fertilizer” in english). 

It’s 90’s in Heinola and were living in economic depression. It’s before EU. The money in Finland is ”markka”. There is friends who like to play together and they make the band but the succes and life was not so easy. Before they really even started the band they already almost ended up but then they did try once again. After that they did one of their biggest hits: ”Hei hei mitä kuuluu” and the end is history. 

The movie is great combination of drama, friendship, good music and ofcourse young love. There is new beautiful versions of ”Apulanta” songs. Specially that ”Armo”
, which I linked here with this post. It’s very epic version! I got shivers when I heard it for the first time (yesterday). 

I liked very much also that actor who played vocalist: Toni. He was so much like Tony not only the look but he also talked like Toni. The speaking voice and -style was the same. He sounded as sensitive as real Toni.

The movie was the best (finnish) movie I’ve seen for long time ago. I really recommend it to all (specially for Apulanta fans)!

Song lyrics:

”Armo” (A Mercy)

I’m surrounded by emptiness so that I could see 

So that I would learn myself what I feel and I would know it

I have to go alone I have to walk without a shell 

One part have to stay behind that another can find it’s end 

This moment I avoided I evaded I scared this so much now it must come to the end

Chorus: It’s the time of the last instant…To this moment end lots of good, lots of beautiful whose limbs are already dead it must be gone this way

Even if I’d like to deny and try to cherish but I know that it’s useless to delay the grace

Evil omens of the silence fill everything so painfully present every moment ’though I turn my head away

Even if I close my eyes the picture stays it doesn’t go away but it doesn’t come along but is staring at me constantly

This way is gonna fall us we can’t move on it can’t be this way it must come to the end 

Chorus: It’s the time of the last instant…

”Kelpaanhan, rakkaani” (Am I Good Enough, My Love)

I don’t have costly cloths or fancy car and I don’t have much money but I wish it don’t harm you

Chorus: Come beside me again, let’s go to sleep, good night, kiss me

Come beside me again and show me that I’m ok, with you I feel I’m special one

It means a lot to me that I can be with you, if you too like me, give a little kiss to me

Chorus: Come beside me again…


These are the old eggs I painted years ago. Those are still at my parents. I used those a technique I learned in painting school. These two are eggs I made to look like marble. I also made a grained egg (like a wooden egg) but it was too broken, so it’s not in this picture.

When I was little we had every easter the tradition to have a rooster which ”layed eggs”. So my mom did by chocolate eggs and put those eggs in friday evening to chassis with easter rooster. On saturday morning when I woke up I went to check what was the rooster layed. That was a special and fun moment. That was the best day after christmas eve and what made it very special I truly believed in it. I did believe that our rooster (pipe) did lay those eggs to me. I didn’t know it was mom who put those eggs there  -until I was bigger when I tryed to peek what my mom did put in that chassis-. 

Eggs painting was also the must thing to do in easter. The colorfull eggs was beautiful on the table. Then we sometimes dressed ourselves like an easter wiches with my friends and went door to door to ”sell” easter wickers. We got more yummys like that! It was so funny! 

The little things was the big thing by then. That’s why childhood was so great time! 

What kind of easter traditions you have had? 

Have a nice easter!


”A beautiful string days of memories

As a pearl each of them stayed like a memory

The days of life’s chain is precious any pearl of those shouldn’t be losted”


My godmother saw her last day at sunday. She was younger than my mom (who was her good friend). She was too young -under 70-. She lived in senior house and there she have had brain infarct few months ago. After that she have sometimes had unconsciousness positions. She didn’t even recognise her daughter anymore (which is what I fear will happened some day to me and my mom too). She was last of my godparents. 

Rest in peace Anneli!


This is so funny and so cute finnish ”Silja Line” boat trip ad! You wanna go to Stockholm? (Now I have to say a deep sympathy from me to that tragic terrorist strike victims loved ones! Stocholm is quite close to me cause I’ve been there many times, like most of finns. That strike was very sad!)

There under is also birds but little bit different birds. That’s a field show (made by our team leader): ”The Swan” from Gymnaestrada -gymnastick happening- 2015. I was also there. It was very unique and fantastic experience! It was just so pity that I came ill on ”Midnight sun special” evening (the first field show of two from where this video clip is). I remember I was very tired when we had to stand and wait our turn (I think I had also fever) and my sniffle got worse and worse but I made it through and enjoyed anyway! 

There’s also a compilation of that ”Midnight sun special” evening.