Year changed (or is changing Somewhere) and there will be new news, new competitions, new winners, new hit songs,new good things and new bad things…but still life goes on like before, life itselves doesn’t change. We grow, studying, fall in love, get a job, get married, got children, get older…and in the same time we make mistakes all the time, and we feel often bad lost and lonelines but we are not lonely cause we are all here feeling the same sometimes. All of the billions people in the earth feel the same sometimes…

All of the countries in the world I’m proud to be finnish. I know I said it earlier but now there’s things in my mind I never said. If you see some positive lists at news Finland usually is one of the top countries like 2016 Finland was the most safest country in the world and also we were in happines. That’s so great!

Then the thing in my personal life, I’m proud of: my team did get to the goldserie at womens gymnastics amateur competitions in seniors (or maybe more like aesthetic gymnasticks, I’m not sure of the right term but it’s mixed dance and gym). So this was a great year for my team too!

(I wanted to put some sport performances at 2016 in this post. Hope you don’t mind.)

Then last but not least…Finland’s junior lions got gold at hockey MM 2016…and also adult lions got the silver medal at MM -16.

I wish a happy new year everybody around the world!



Hello again, dear readers!
It’s soon new year. I can’t believe where did this year go…again. It’s always the same thing. I’m always wondering where that 365 days goes. It just flyes away everytime…and every year ”is shorter” than the last one…and every time I will be older and older…

This new year is a big celebration for finnish cause we’re celebrating our 100 years of independent this year. So 2017 is our big anniversary. It’s interesting to see what this celebration includes. I hope this year is very good for Finland and for finnish people…but of course everybody else too…around the world! 

I wanted to ask you have you made some new years promises to yourselves? I haven’t. It’s never been my habit. Maybe I should try it this year. If I just find out what to promise.

I have also wondered how people celebrate christmas around the world. I know I can get the answer from you. So tell me! How do you celebrate christmas in your country? (What about new year?)

By the way this darkness is killing me…I’m just waiting it goes away. I think people here in north should sleep winter sleep like bears. Christmas should be in october or in november and then we could sleep ’till february, when there is much more light. That would be nice!

Until new year comes…

Have a nice friday…


This is a great finnish christmas advertisment by the meal maker: ”Saarioinen”. This came already last year and they showed it this year too. Watch this! You can see a real Santa in this clip! 

”Saarioinen-The Christmas mornig at ”Korvatunturi”” (that place in Lapland were Santa lives):

Santa wants mrs.Claus in bed ”to rest” with him. So he suggests they eat (the good) meals by ”Saarioinen” and mrs.Claus don’t have to make christmas casserolles by her selves…Santa may have a little bit naughty thoughts…

”Every year the same thing”, says mrs.Claus at the end and goes to bedroom with Santa… so funny!

Our christmas ham. It seems to be smaller and smaller every year…but for a good reason…My grandparents haven’t been in years with us (they’r in heaven) and my parents doesn’t eat much anymore cause now they’r the seniors. I’m not either a big fun of ham…and also my brother have eaten less permanently since his diet…

So now we have celebrated the christmas. We have eaten the christmas ham or turkey and we have eaten other christmas foods, in Finland it most of us means different casseroles (like potato, carrot and turnipcasserole). 

Now we can begain to wait the spring. It’s kind of funny. All of the autumn we wait the christmas (which is basically just one day). It’s (every year) soon(er) gone and everything is back to normal again. Then we begain to wait the spring (or atleast I will), because it’s time when light is little by little coming back. It’s great! Even it takes time when you really can feel the difference, to knowing that day is every day closer, is helpfull and that is what really keeping me alive. 

Then the other thing what’s keeping me alive at this winter time is chocolate. That is what I could eat a slab or maybe a box per day. At christmas eve my brother bring us a really big chocolate box by Lindth. We eate it during that evening. My parents eate many bites even they younger weren’t a big fun of chocolate. Also my brother liked it and he doesn’t either usually eat chocolate…but it really was a very good chocolate! 

Well, week days are coming back again…but I still got tomorrow free at work and I’m gonna meet my good friend. She said she got news to me so I’m waiting…

Have a nice end of the week!


Good eve’s eve morning to everybody! It’s now time of the second last calendar post already. This december have gone so fast that I almost haven’t stay in time with it.

I love The Nutcracker’s grand pas de deux, so I put that video in this post. It’s so elegant and the music is very very beautiful. (I mean that first 6-7min. period they dance together. That clip is longer.) I have loved it since I was a little girl! Unfortunately my favorite clip of that pas de deux is not available anymore but this is ok too.

Sadly here in Helsinki is very grey and dark. We don’t have any snow and we’re not (propably) getting it for christmas. Few days ago we had so beautiful snow cover here. It stayed in trees also and it was like in storybook and now it’s gone just before christmas…

In the future this kind of dark christmas will be normal because of the climate chance. It’s said in the news that we will get like a hungarian climate some day in the future. It means our winters will be darker which is not sounding nice. Well, just have to get use to it…

Have you done your christmas preparations yet? I haven’t. I should by today presents for relative kids (we don’t by presents with adults anymore) and I was gonna bake ginger breds but I don’t know if I have time. Let’s see…or then I do it after christmas…

How wanderful that soon I can rest few days and leave the hustles for a while…Just this one day left…


Hello my readers! In this post I wanted to perform you the great finnish ballet: ”The snow queen”, which is based on H.C.Andersens classic fairy tale (1845). 

This ballet is so beautiful and perfect in christmas time because of the winter theme. I saw it first time in last christmas and I loved it! I loved those winter colours, those props and that essential tone. So here you are…

You can read the fairy tale here:


That video is awesome! Very creative and different! Asians know how to do it!


Hello again! Guess what? My father came yesterday back at hospital. He’s much better now but he still needs antibiots and he also got some other medicines. I wouldn’t believe he will get back before christmas…It could be ok but it’s just that his legs is not working well. His moving is very hard. So it’s quite tough to my old mother who also have to give those medicines, serve something to eat, drinks, pretty much do everything for him. We’re helping with my brother but we can’t be there every time. I think they gonna need extra help soon…

Till the next time…bye bye…


One more my favorite christmas song…

I remember all my childhood christmas I remember all those smells. At the edge of village to old lady christmas mornings I gave a flower. We decorated the christmas tree and eate cookies together. Everytime she spoked those words. I listened quietly.


Peace, christmas peace. Remember sanctify your christmas. Only the good things in us stays here when we leave the world. 

Peace, christmas peace when I heard those words she said. Not until then I felt my christmas beginnings again.


This christmas I walked again to that cottage isolated. I found the dark windows, garden desolate and quiet. The neighbourg told old lady new that I come at christmas eve. She wished I lay poinsettia down to her hill.


Peace, christmas peace, those words she don’t say anymore. Those balmy eyes are gone and that smell of the warm cottage. 

Peace, christmas peace can I find it anymore. Why didn’t I earlier came to visit by her again. 


I walked quietly on churchyard, I walked with tears in my eyes. To her hill I layed a poinsettia and lighted a candle. In that moment when flame ingnited I felt the warm sigh. A star in the sky, mellow wind bring the message with whispering.


Peace, christmas peace, remember sanctify your christmas. Only the good things in us stays here when we leave the world.

Peace, christmas peace I hear the wind whispering. I feel finally, after all my christmas can beginning.


These are my favorit christmas songs by ”Leevi and the Leavings” which is the best finnish band ever. Too bad that the front man of that band: (Gösta Sundqwist) died 13 years ago only at the age of 46. He was a great songwriter.

It’s christmas again. You see it on your almanac. It’s snowing maybe freezing already in tonight. 

Somewhere happy family is passing christmas presents up. We are only listening silence with my wife. 

I remember how those christmas songs use to play in the past. How the christmas tree with candles bring the christmas feeling to me. 

Who is knocking at the door at christmas evening. Santa claus haven’t visited there in many years. 


It wasn’t Santa white beared old gradpa, not at all, when our doughter child in her arms surprises us. 

You have slimd down and too fragile christmas miracle, shooting star at heaven brings you to us. Christmas bells is playing.


Little doughter of us can’t be the mother yet. Still with the child she brings us the feelig of christmas. 

This christmas present wanderful is rescuing our eve. Old rocking horse at the loft is getting used again.



(Somewhere) it’s raining white snow (somewhere) and it’s all like a dream (somewhere) the whole solar system get’s the new hope.


How far did I fly again just missing you. Didn’t remember at all it’s again that time of the year christmas magic.


(Somewhere) on the clouds (somewhere) it’s still the place. (Somewhere) it’s in beautiful wether the place I could be find. (somewhere) there can stars be shining (somewhere) eyes will repeat the twinkling. (somewhere) Light will remove the darkness when it’s christmas night.


How far did I fly…

(Somewhere) if it’s still christmas (somewhere) we surely meet there (somewhere) do you still will spend the christmas time with me? (Somewhere) one saw light was twinkling (somewhere) towards it I left (soewhere) and far from the stars then I navigate.


How far did I fly…


Tomorrow it’s christmas, that real genuine christmas that childhoods poor christmas when candles bring me the mood

Tomorrow it’s christmas and then is everything different if then I could chance the things what can’t be done ever else.

White soil, snowy fields and forrest in it’s beauty it’s like behind the years I could travel when christmas bells build the mood now when christmas gets the minds tender

Tomorrow it’s christmas…

The poorest familys five children are waiting the path that eve what brings the christmas mood for everyone when the elf is peeking in the window but the presents them is bringing in other place

Tomorrow it’s christmas…

It feels almost like it’s been yesterday daddy packed his chlothes in backpack and walked away then by evenings when bells were ringing at the church mom were praying the preast don’t bring the grief message to home


Thank you for lord and luckily it’s time for christmas do you remember under blanket were the little ones covered when we sended goodbyes to our home on the way 

then I understood the reason why we left when the old cowhouses roof flame to fire luckily we got away…

Thought the parents did forbidded watch us back, I saw that winter sky flaming at fire, in the sleigh we eaten and wondered together, we did counting stars at sky with siblings


Thank you for lord…luckily everything is different in christmas and one can joy then we make the sheaf for birds when peace have came

Luckily it’s time for christmas…it’s time for christmas…it’s time for christmas, we thought so.

When it’s looking like the christmas humble is filling our hearts I remember the past the childhoods real magic 


For a while hesitant hope is filling mind, over region deep silence when it’s looking like christmas…when it’s looking like christmas

For comfort the poorest ones bothers psalmed ”angel of heaven” childrens singing choir turn of christmas diplomas


For a while hesitant hope…

Come to us christmas eve when the school is decorated with candles beside the door is placed a pig ginger bred pigs are still smelling