PIKKU KAKKONEN & JÄÄVAROITUS (Finnish children’s program: ”Little ones tv” & Ice warning)

I was reminded of a nostalgia gem that is bound to be shared with you. I remember sometimes I shared this, but at the time I wrote in Finnish so now is the time to make people living outside Finland aware of this…

At first I should show you this theme from the Finnish children’s program: (Pikku kakkonen which, freely translated, means: ”Little ones tv”). After watching this, you’ll understand the characters of that second clip where those are warning children of weak ice. YLE TV2 is finnish national tv channel which is showing ”Pikku kakkonen” and therefore, the characters form the number two. Also the name of the program comes from the words: pikku(inen)=little one and kaksi, kakkonen=two. So it’s like little ones tv2″. ”Pikku kakkonen” have been shown in television since year 1977 (every weekday). I was born in 1980 and ofcource watched it when I was little.

Many say they feared this warning of weak ice when they were little but I loved it. I kind of understand the fear. The music and atmosphere is pretty ghostly but I guess I wasn’t too little when watched this (premiered in 1986 when I turned 6 and probably watched it sometimes then). Atleast I don’t remember I ever feared this. I only remember (little later) how I always waited this during weak ice season when this, of course, was often shown after the actual program (but it wasn’t shown every day). I still remember the feeling of disappointment in the days when this was not shown. Even today this is still fun and that teddy bear is really cute!

What do you think? Isn’t this funny? (but also scary enough that children dare not go for a walk on weak ice).

It’s sleep time again here in Finland (or others may already wake up but I’m a night owl) so I say…


Different DAMSON PLUM JAM TARTS/erilaiset joulutortut

Christmas is already over but I baked even more on Christmas eve and wanted to share those photos with you. We didn’t have anything special this year to do with my housemate (we wanted to be isolated because my housemate had been feeling a little sore) so I thought that why not to bake and I got an idea to use my gingerbread molds. When I started to bake and those molds were on the table, in front of my eyes, it just suddenly came in my mind that I could use those in a way I never thought before. I don’t understand how I had not come to think of that…

I realized that I can use molds like those are used when making ginger breads but you just have to make double pattern for every tart. Then you’ll get the cover whereby you can close the tart (and between those two dough molds, of course, comes the filling).

I used also the same triangle model which I used with ginger breads. https://tanssitytto.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/advent-calendar-door-20-my-gingerbreads/ Those are nice, don’t you think? Quite different looking than the ginger bread versions but nice. That Christmas tree version I made without mold with freehand.

In addition to marmalade (apple-cinnamon) tarts I made salty versions where I put cheese in. Those were real good! That apple-cinnamon marmalade I also used first time. Earlier I’ve always used the classic plum marmalade but this apple-cinnamon version has been a newer hit filling in Finland (and also plum marmalade was out of stock) so I tried this new one. It was very good!

The new year and new ways will soon begin. I do not wish for anything so much that the coming year would be better than the current one (which, though, wouldn’t require much)! I hoped for this last year too, but this year was finally even worse, horrible than I could have ever imagined! Wouldn’t it finally come a better time now?

I think the next time we’ll meet will be next year…

Be well until then!

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 24. *Merry Christmas/Hyvää joulua*

Merry Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas Songs: ”Jossain on kai joulu” (I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas). This makes me think of my father who has now been a year and a half in heaven.

A free translation:

Somewhere it’s raining white snow

Somewhere and is all like a dream

Somewhere the entire solar system

New hope gets


How far I flew

Longing for you

I didn’t remember at all

Is that season again

Magic of Christmas

(Verse 2)

Somewhere on top of the clouds

Somewhere still the place is here

Somewhere it’s in beautiful weather

A place I could find

Somewhere there the stars can shine

Somewhere twinkle eyes when playing

Somewhere light removes blues

When it’s Christmas night


How far I flew…

(Verse 3)

Somewhere where there is still Christmas

Somewhere I guess we’ll meet there

Somewhere do you still want

With me to spend Christmas for two

Somewhere a twinkling light was seen

Somewhere when I left towards it

and distant stars then I navigated


How far I flew…


Somewhere x3


Somewhere wintery, frosty fields

Somewhere Christmas carols, golden bells

Somewhere playing children, flutes and cellos

I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas

Somewhere Christmas night is a time of miracles

Somewhere Christmas magic with candles

Somewhere Christmas carols cheerful everything

I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas

Somewhere it’s raining white snow

Somewhere and is all like a dream

Somewhere the entire solar system

I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas


That band ”Leevi and the Leavings” was great! Unfortunately singer/song maker: Gösta Sundqvist is no longer in the books of the living.

Lastly one classic: ”When you wish upon a star”. One of the most beautiful Christmas songs!

Where ever you are, whatever do you…


ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 23. *Cruise Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki and Christmas market*

Have you ever been on boat trip Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki?

If not, now you can get to experience it. Come on, let’s go…

This video presents extensively the beautiful old town of Tallinn, the city center and for example Estonia monument. There’s also a plaque in honor of the Estonians who served in the Finnish Navy during the Second World War.

”Megastar” demo video.

Tallinna’s Christmas market. It would be nice to visit there sometimes!

Happy eve’s eve evening! 😄

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 21. *ginger bread Christmas tree and ”Here am I/Tässä olen minä”*


A free translation:
Here am I
Here am I too
Here’s neighbor’s German spitz chasing my 6-year-old little sister
After that, the sister fell on the asphalt
Mother covered the knee with a patch
Here father mows the grass
and a brother fishing for perch
Here I am
every day I remember again how inevitably time decreases
Unnoticed time I’ve been too long away from home

A silver blue BMW on its way to a landfill
for the brother took the girls to look at the cows at the fort of kyli
Not me, I was taken by other stuff
I was taken by other stuff
Not very far but insisted on committing miles
Every day I remember again how inevitably time decreases
Unnoticed time I’ve been too long away from home

Here am I
Here am I too
Here’s neighbor’s German spitz chasing my 6-year-old little sister
This song is one of my favorites and specially on this exceptional year when we have not been able to move normally, I think many of us can identify with the corus line: ”Unnoticed time I’ve been too long away from home.” I kind of feel the same way. I haven’t been my childhood home since long long time (only visited to take the postal and emptying the refrigerator because the apartment have been empty since my mother was taken to the nursing home this autumn, after the long hospital episode). Also as part of you knows, my father died last year. When this is combined with the fact that I have not been able to see my mother now on pandemia time, this all have made me feeling quite empty. My childhood home no longer exists. Even the apartment exists, the most important thing family is missing which makes home a home. So this chorus is true to me! Also I love photos so the song idea ”showing” photos to the listener is just great!

Went unmentioned yesterday but it is still not too late to mention that my decorated gingerbreads https://tanssitytto.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/advent-calendar-door-20-my-gingerbreads/ would be beautiful, for example, hung on a Christmas tree. I too would love to implement it but we only have a little table tree and all of those smaller ginger breads we have in ginger bread tree. The rest of the standard ginger breads had been eaten by my housemate who wanted to get them as soon as they came out of the oven…(and yes, I ate few of those too…)

Last evening I made this ginger bread tree.
That gluhwein is my favorite. I love mildly alcoholized gluhweins most. The aromas are at their best when there’s little bit alcohol but not too much.


ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 20. *My gingerbreads*

Door 20. Opens…

Finally I started my own Christmas baking. Here’s My gingerbreads

Gingerbread 1

Gingerbread 2

Gingerbread 3

Gingerbread 4

These triangle Gingerbreads I made accidentally from star Gingerbreads. I just folded a couple of claws with a thought of making The gingerbread look like damson plum jam (a star version). Then I realized it can’t be made of star gingerbread. It needs circle on base.

Gingerbread 5

Gingerbread 6

Gingerbread 7

Gingerbread 8

Gingerbread 9

Gingerbread 10

Gingerbread 11

Gingerbread 12

My Gingerbread version of ”damson plum jam” (star tart as we say those in Finland).

Gingerbread 13

Gingerbread 14

Gingerbread 15

Gingerbread 16

Gingerbread 17

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 19. *Childhood Christmasses*

The very best Christmasses ever was undoubtedly my childhood Christmasses when the Christmas evening was the best day of the year!

Those photos have been taken about on Christmas 1987/1988. I have my new gift doll with me. In second photo there’s my grandma and my mother with me. Obviously we had also gingerbread house on the coffee table. It was rare for us. It must have been the year my brother decided to make it.

These photos have been taken on Christmas 1990 (I think). In the first photo I’m with my grandma, who was hospitalized quite soon after this. In those two other photos I’m dancing ballet on Christmas evening (which I was doing almost all the time). In the image below my grandma is clapping to me and my mother is pouring coffee. (By the way my mother cut my hair before that Christmas. As you can see it’s not very beautiful. It’s way too short. Well, she admit it herself too and never cut my hair again…) I’m also sorry for the image quality but these are photos taken of photos…


Childhood Christmas reminds me specially of two things: my grandma and big piles of gifts. Of course gifts are not the most important thing but it was so exciting as a child. That kind of excitement is hard to get anymore but I’m sure you all know how it feels to wait something so eagerly, right?! To wait something with full of joy and happiness! I remember how we shake’d the presents with my brother and we tried to find out what was in the packages…

I had few of different Polly pockets as a child. I owned one of those in the video, that hairdresser Polly which was so beautifull in my mind (well, it has a beautifull colors.)


I no longer remember many of the gifts I received however, three important gifts have remained in my mind.

  • Polly pocket (don’t remember which of those specifiacly but I had wished for one as a gift)
  • Plushie toy dogg (I got it from my grandma)
  • The doll I named: ”Marjukka” (in picture)

Super cool Polly pocket toy village!


My Christmasses were great but Santa never visited to us. Every year we all went to wait him after eating to the hallway…but in vain. It was just the show of my family for me to make it look like real thing. Only I waited seriously. I still remember how seriously. Well, Santa never came and my mother told me that he have no time to visit everybodys house but every year I really hoped that maybe this year he finally comes to us. He never did…but it’s ok. Maybe Santa never visited to us but my grandma (and grandpa) did…It’s more important. From her me and my brother got also presents so we didn’t really need Santa…

Well, I don’t remember how the present thing were handled when we were little but one thing I do remember from the time when I was in elementary school. Some time before Christmas my mother always came to told me that the elf’s did bring Christmas presents. My mother did this quite long time. I didn’t even believe Santa anymore but there were time when I just said ”ok” and thought that there were some girls or boys dressed as elves which bring those presents, funny right?! My mother must have thought I still believed in Santa…

I’m very happy of my childhood Christmasses and always carry them in my heart!

(Yes, I’m late again. I’m so sorry. There’s too few hours a day like I always say.)

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 18. *The lovely show window*

Door 18. Opens…

Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.

Isn’t this lovely show window?!


Have a nice evening where ever you are!

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 17. *Gingerbread Moomin house*

Door 17. Opens…

Great gingerbread Moomin house made by ”Kakku monsteri” (as Cake monster).

(I’m sorry, I’m late again with this. Just couldn’t make it on time…)

Good night…or should I say

have a nice day…

well whatever the day time is there where you are, have a nice day…or evening…or sleep well as I will try to do soon…