For long time ago I will write a dance post…

Yesterday we had very fun at gymnastic class. We begun our class with burlesque. The teacher was one of us, girl who (obviously) have been training that dance style. It was ”quite” different than our own training usually is but it was totally refreshing. (Some movements of hands were familiar from our own class). It was also technically more easier than flow gymnastics and very very feminine which is what I love. 

The point what we were really training with that burlesque was the expression. It do help a lot! I really enjoyed that! (Luckily we got to keep our clothes on! Well, we were just with girls anyway…but I’m happy we’re not gonna perform this anywhere with furbelows burlesque dancers use. That would be too much for me!)

I didn’t realise burlesque (at it’s best) is actually hard work! If you work your body at maximum and make floor movements (like some kind of pushup movements), it really is!

There you have clips for example from the movie: ”Burlesque” which I love and which was the music we used at our class. The music is great! Lovely cabare style with spinning sound! Also Christina Aguilera is great! That’s the way to do it, with attitude, elegance and with glamorous! Like a diva!

So let’s burlesque girls! I think this can help also if you have self-esteem problems. Let your selves be diva for a while!

In the end some basic movements so that you can learn it if you want.



Some more beautiful Chinese dance videos. I really love these and I would love to learn this dance! Maybe I should suggest for our team leader that we start to learn Chinese classical dance. That is so amazing! 

Specially I love the first ”Nipponia” dance, ”Thousand Hand Bodhisattva” and the last video: ”Jasmine Flower” dance (which is the same perform than the last post but with different costumes. I like these more).  If you don’t wanna watch those all, watch atleast these three (or two if you watched the last one in my last post)! 

Have a nice (rest of the) week!


The traditional Helsinki samba carnival was here saturday. The costumes was colourful and beautiful and the tone was so joyfull. The music was great just like the weather also! Sun shined and people were happy. It was the perfect day! 

I love samba and I’m very happy we’ve got our own carnival here. I almost wanted to go dancing in that line. I can dance samba cause younger I use to go on bailatino classes for a while. The basic samba is easy…(atleast in my mind but it can be because of my strong dance background but) I think anyone can do it somehow…maybe not so perfectly but it doesn’t matter at carnival. Competitive dance is different thing…

Enjoy this carnivalmotion with my picks and video…and have a great new week!

The keynote of some samba school was sauna. This plaque says: ”sauna is warming finnish people hearts”. So true!


Here are ”Dancing with the stars” winners: Anna-Maija Tuokko and Matti Puro.
It’s been a while from finals but I totally forgot to tell you. Well, ”better later than ever” (as we say atleast here in Finland). This was Matti’s third win. I guess he’s quite good teacher. 

Unfortunately Laura Malmivaara had to end her competition because she hurted her arm too badly at rehearsal.
I would like to see her in the finals. She was one of the best…but sure Anna-Maija was also good, congratulations to her and Matti!


Let’s check out the history of ”dancing with the stars” in Finland (= Tanssii tähtien kanssa). We have already saw many many great moments. Here you can see some of those too…

Dancer (the teacher): Mikko Ahti and singer: Maria Lund. Winners 2008.

Dancer: Ansku Bergström and finnish pop Star: Antti Tuisku. Winners 2010.

Dancer: Matti Puro with miss Finland 2010: Viivi Pumpanen. Winners 2011.

Matti and Viivi.

Ansku and (duudson) Jarppi 2011 paso-doble. They came second.

Dancer: Matti Puro with comedian: Krisse Salminen. Winners 2012.

Chalston 2014: Janna and Matti, Cristal and Kia and Kaj and Susa.


The glittering at dance floor have begun…namely the finnish version of dancing with the stars did start last sunday with a new season. I’ve always liked that show and now when I watched this first episode of this season, I just can say: ”WOW”! There is so much quite talented competitior. No one did fail fully. No one did flip steps. Everyone of them could made some kind of perform. 

My favorite was Laura Malmivaara with her partner. They also got the best points (36). Their tango was so elegant and Laura moved beautifully and looked stunning! She as an actor could get the feeling in her dance! ((as you can see in that videoclip), though I would like to see little bit more passion and heat in it)).

Anna-Maija and Matti made also great performance. Their jive were really lively and vivid and I loved that green fringe dres which was on Anna-Maija!

Now when I know how potential dancer there is I wait the next episode eagerly! 

Have a nice weekend!