The grave of Kaarina Maununtytär (Karin Månsdotter). She was the wife of Erik XIV-king of Sweden and the queen of Sweden 87 days in 1568. (Finland was part of Sweden by then).

Firstly I’m sorry I have been so busy that I haven’t been very active to check out other bloggers posts but I hope you don’t get mad to me!

It’s just that I had that trip and my mom is still in hospital and dad is alone at home. So I have been running to see them both.

These three photos are from ”Lumo” (Charm) competition 9.6. at Marli arena.

My mom is not coming back home very soon. She’s disordered to some extent and she need to get magnetic resonance imaging to getting diagnosed. She waited to get there for long time now. I just hope she will not become passive in hospital. Well, we can’t do anything than just wait.

Anyway, I promised to post more photos from the Gymnaestrada event (and that Turku trip generally). So here you are!

These two photos are also from ”Lumo” -competition.

These next photos are from ”Rock, rauha, rakkaus” (Rock, peace, love)- evening show 9.6. at Marli-arena.

Japanese talented Kokushika University gymnasts.

Great acrobat gymnasts!

Graves and chapels in Turku Cathedral (the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland).

The holy Yrjänä’s chapel who were Roman soldier, Christian’s martyr and inter alia scouts patron saint.

The grave of Åke Tott -finnish soldier who became field marshal 1631-.

I think this was Totti extended family chapel.

Stålhandske chapel (sielujen kappeli) -where you can find the coffer of warlord Stålhandske-.

The holy flesh chapel. The chapel of many pastors, soldiers and other dignitary. Inter alia Magnus Bishop have been buried in here.

Knut Posse have been buried in holy people chapel. He was Swedish soldier. He’s remembered of successful defence of Vyborg castle against russian in 1495.

Turku Cathedral

Tuomiokirkonkatu 1, 20500 Turku

Open every day 9.00-18.00.


On that link you will find Gymnaestrada closing ceremony where is inter alia our Group performance: ”Elämän voima” (Life Force) and all gymnasts final performance. Don’t know if this is working outside of Finland or not…



Final Group performance at closing ceremony. I was in the middle tree branch.

Finland Gymnaestrada event is over and I have got back to normal life! That few days in Turku was like living in some bubble. If you know what I mean. Like you’re some kind of star in gymnasts own little world…

The closing ceremony was on Sunday at Turku. We had over 1100 gymnasts on our head Group performance (”Life Force” =Elämän voima) and over 4000 gymnasts on the final Group performance (where almost all gymnasts were in).

Our half at court made it really well but I herd there were some problems on the other half of court. Well, something always happens but nothing too bad…and it seems to be that if rehearsal goes well, then the show is not so perfect, like this time. Anyway the integrity was fine which is the most important thing.

”Lumo (-charm)” show. My room mate’s friend was in this performance.

Our part felt very short (this show was shorter than our last Group performance) and too soon it was all over. Right after when I saw the crowded audience and got the perfect mood, the performance was over…

It was fun but tough day. It was first very warm and sunny day which made it so hard. We waited there in sunny, burning court so long. I was little bit scared I will get heatstroke. I had burned already my neck quite badly and my eyes were running probably because of my (too old?) make up and because of sun. So besides heatstroke I was also scared of that I don’t see anything while the show…

Also we didn’t have water while we waited on our lines but one of my team mate’s was so fair that bought a bottle of water for me on the kiosk which was in front of our waiting lines. (I didn’t have my money with me there).

Our women on the evening show at ”Marli-arena”.

Saturday 9.6.

Let’s get back to Saturday…As Friday, also Saturday started with good breakfast with fairly portion coffee ofcourse (cause I never sleep well at new placies that was needed).

I was so happy we had much more free time than Friday. We had only two hours rehearsal and it went well. The settings seemed to be clear and for the first time it felt really easy to do that it gave me certainty.

After our rehearsal we ate at market with my room mate and went to see ”Lumo” (=charm) gymnastic competition where her sister were competing. After that we went to Turku cathedral where I was first time in my life. That is really beautiful and unique. There is also old dignitarys graves.

In the evening we went to watch a hall show were part of our girls were performing with performance: ”Autumn”. After that show we went to eat with our team to the restaurant near our hotel. Nice and eventful evening!

Turku Cathedral


At Sunday I had to wake up early cause we had dress rehearsal at 9.30. and that room should been gived away at midday. It was hustle again. I did even forget my charger to hotel room and I had to get back while I was already on my way to the court…and you know the rest.

In the end I want to thank the audience which made this experience so great again! They were fully with us! They clapped and whistled to us! Even though I was before the show very tired and strengthless I got the energy from audience and did enjoy fully! When you see and hear the audience then you realise it’s all real and you’re really performing (and not just practising)!

Big thanks also to all who were making this event true! I got unforgettable memories!

Hope you too had a great weekend!

(More photos coming soon!)


Turku cathedral, the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland.


We had very long day today! 6 hours non-stop gymnastic practising on the court…with only one ”longer” 20 min. break. (and some short drinking break).

I used mostly that 20min.break at toilet queue. That was the only change to get there. Then I had to eat so I went to buy two spring rolls at food stall at market, beside court. When I was still eating, I heard a notice that we should get back so I ate the rest of my food later (on that drinking break). Now I’m so exhausted! I’m happy that we got this day through already…and it did in the end went well…

I got only about 4-5 hours sleep last night (I never sleep well at new placies before I get use to that place) so I’m very tired now…

Yesterday evening I also made a long walk. It was lovely to walk late in the evening in silence, when party music ended and only music you could hear was singing of birds.

I found so beautiful placies (as you can see on my photos)!

Today I didn’t get any photos, cause the whole day went on rehearsal and I didn’t have my phone with me there but I’ll post more photos tomorrow!

So ”see you” tomorrow!

These photos are taken on bus window.


I’m on my way to Turku now…and I can’t wait to get there!! I almost missed my bus cause the zipper of my bag did failed just when I left home, but luckily I got it fixed…and I could also keep my bag with me. I thought they put it in retention but my bag(s) where so small I could take these in bus…

So I gonna be at Turku ’till Sunday when there is final show where women around Finland will have a massive flow gymnastics show (court show). My team is also performing there. It’s seen on finnish television at Sunday YLE TV2 13.25.

I’ve never been in Turku before (only transit on my way to Aland) so it’s nice to see that city of culture (Finland’s old capital).

More coming later. Now I gonna admire this beautiful views…


It’s one of the best feelings: learning something. When you learn something, it gives you confidence and having confidence gives you euphoria.

We have been training a couple of times a very beautiful vault pirouette at flow gymnastics. I was surprised how easy it was to me. Usually every new movements are real hard for me but it wasn’t that hard. It was fun. It gave me feeling of freenes. It felt like I was flying.

Also that hard waltz choreography have went well, after tough beginning. Now I love that waltz. It’s so beautiful and flowing!

Dangerous snooze

I also learned yesterday, that don’t fell asleep so that you sit on the edge of your coach, head dangled on your lap! I did that and it wasn’t very nice wake up. I woke up while realizing I’m falling to floor but I couldn’t stop it anymore and I hit the angle of my forehead to floor. 😂 Quite hilarious afterwards! Luckily I didn’t hurt myselves so badly! That’s what happens when you don’t sleep at nights…

Have a great Sunday!

”THE SENIORS DANCE” (second year students at high school)

This dance happening were at friday (and in some schools, (like us at 1999), I think thursday also).

It’s happening for the seniors at high school (second year students will be the seniors when abiturients have their last exams which after they graduate). This have been traditionally the happening when the new seniors are performing old ”salon dances” (dances from 1800s-1900s.) They have usually also dressed like those years nobles (even these days it’s more common to dress like American prom night, so many of dancers use just normal evening dresses).

It’s been already 19 years of my own seniordance and I was remembering those days again (like I’m always this time of the year)…

I remember my beautiful olive green dress which was borrowed from my friends sister and made by their mother.

I remember how we sut at hairdresser with my friend to get the big -old time style- bunnies.

I remember my -cute but quite bad dancer- partner who stepped to my toes many times at rehearsal and with who I was scared of make the strike at tango cause he didn’t prop me enough.

I remember when we were (with three of my friends) eating at restaurant ”Fransmanni” after the other one of those performings. There was two girls and two boys in our group and some man did say to us: ”Don’t you boys believe what girls say to you.” Obviously he thought that we are couples even we were just friends.

Surely I will always remember how some abiturients did tease us four and screamed to us: ”Is it nice to be senior when you can’t get in any nightclubs”. Well, three of us were 18 (of legal age -we were one year older-) and one us were almost 18. However in restaurant any of us didn’t get wine cause one of us were still underage.

Also I remember how fun time we had with my close friend who came overnight to us after the first celebration evening.

Those were one of the best days of my life! I loved to dress (like noble) and I loved to dance (which is no surprise to those who knows how much I love dancing).

I wish I could some day experience this all again!! 😁

In those 90’s videos you can see the style of my time. I would say also the real senior dance style (the real salon dance style)!


There is still one, much more joyful song from Cranberries which is very tacky.


Today at rehearsal the hard waltz goreography -the one which caused head ache for many of us- went much better. I finally got the idea and sometimes I made it really flew! That’s great feeling! Next time we’ll get our courtshow placies to Turku’s National Gymnaestrada (which is next June). I’m so waiting that happening!


Finland nation got good news yesterday. Our president and his wife got a baby-boy! So it’s all well in Kingdom…although it’s already third boy for Sauli cause he have two boys his first marriage (with Marja-Leena who dyed at 1995 at accident). Even it wasn’t a girl this time either… Congratulations of a healthy boy Sauli and Jenni! 😉


Tomorrow (or actually today) I’m back to work. ”M” was at hospital one week but came home for weekend. So now I’m back to normal again (which is fine for me)! It’s quite boring just to be at home and do homeworks which are ”calling you” more when you’re at home…

…Til the next time…