It’s one of the best feelings: learning something. When you learn something, it gives you confidence and having confidence gives you euphoria.

We have been training a couple of times a very beautiful vault pirouette at flow gymnastics. I was surprised how easy it was to me. Usually every new movements are real hard for me but it wasn’t that hard. It was fun. It gave me feeling of freenes. It felt like I was flying.

Also that hard waltz choreography have went well, after tough beginning. Now I love that waltz. It’s so beautiful and flowing!

Dangerous snooze

I also learned yesterday, that don’t fell asleep so that you sit on the edge of your coach, head dangled on your lap! I did that and it wasn’t very nice wake up. I woke up while realizing I’m falling to floor but I couldn’t stop it anymore and I hit the angle of my forehead to floor. 😂 Quite hilarious afterwards! Luckily I didn’t hurt myselves so badly! That’s what happens when you don’t sleep at nights…

Have a great Sunday!


”THE SENIORS DANCE” (second year students at high school)

This dance happening were at friday (and in some schools, (like us at 1999), I think thursday also).

It’s happening for the seniors at high school (second year students will be the seniors when abiturients have their last exams which after they graduate). This have been traditionally the happening when the new seniors are performing old ”salon dances” (dances from 1800s-1900s.) They have usually also dressed like those years nobles (even these days it’s more common to dress like American prom night, so many of dancers use just normal evening dresses).

It’s been already 19 years of my own seniordance and I was remembering those days again (like I’m always this time of the year)…

I remember my beautiful olive green dress which was borrowed from my friends sister and made by their mother.

I remember how we sut at hairdresser with my friend to get the big -old time style- bunnies.

I remember my -cute but quite bad dancer- partner who stepped to my toes many times at rehearsal and with who I was scared of make the strike at tango cause he didn’t prop me enough.

I remember when we were (with three of my friends) eating at restaurant ”Fransmanni” after the other one of those performings. There was two girls and two boys in our group and some man did say to us: ”Don’t you boys believe what girls say to you.” Obviously he thought that we are couples even we were just friends.

Surely I will always remember how some abiturients did tease us four and screamed to us: ”Is it nice to be senior when you can’t get in any nightclubs”. Well, three of us were 18 (of legal age -we were one year older-) and one us were almost 18. However in restaurant any of us didn’t get wine cause one of us were still underage.

Also I remember how fun time we had with my close friend who came overnight to us after the first celebration evening.

Those were one of the best days of my life! I loved to dress (like noble) and I loved to dance (which is no surprise to those who knows how much I love dancing).

I wish I could some day experience this all again!! 😁

In those 90’s videos you can see the style of my time. I would say also the real senior dance style (the real salon dance style)!


There is still one, much more joyful song from Cranberries which is very tacky.


Today at rehearsal the hard waltz goreography -the one which caused head ache for many of us- went much better. I finally got the idea and sometimes I made it really flew! That’s great feeling! Next time we’ll get our courtshow placies to Turku’s National Gymnaestrada (which is next June). I’m so waiting that happening!


Finland nation got good news yesterday. Our president and his wife got a baby-boy! So it’s all well in Kingdom…although it’s already third boy for Sauli cause he have two boys his first marriage (with Marja-Leena who dyed at 1995 at accident). Even it wasn’t a girl this time either… Congratulations of a healthy boy Sauli and Jenni! 😉


Tomorrow (or actually today) I’m back to work. ”M” was at hospital one week but came home for weekend. So now I’m back to normal again (which is fine for me)! It’s quite boring just to be at home and do homeworks which are ”calling you” more when you’re at home…

…Til the next time…


Have you herd of hiplet? I haven’t before yesterday when I found these videos. It’s mixed hip hop and ballet. I think it’s very beautiful and elegant dance style and it’s more playful than classical ballet.

It would be nice to learn hiplet (but then I should learn also better pointe shoe technique). I was a child when I last did use a pointes and I don’t know how it would work now (in this age).

Anyway, do enjoy these videos!



I don’t remember when my thigh muscles were as achy as now. Every time when I sit down or stand up for example on the couch I feel pain in my muscles…or when I climb up stairs. I feel like old lady and probably look like that too (when I sit down or stand up). Every time I use my thigh muscles I feel pain.

That’s all because of our work out at Sunday in flow gymnastic training. It was hard training day. We had for example physical test. My test result was great and I’m happy of that anyway! This is the result when you push yourselves at maximum level!

I didn’t knew that waltz can be so challenging. We had one waltz string which really was that and I got really mad to myself cause I didn’t learn it right away. I always thought that waltz is very easy. I’ve been good at (basic) waltz. For some reason those steps was hard for me to put to waltz rhythm…


Few nights back I saw a lovely dream where were a retriever (puppy?)like in that gif animation)). It was so cute and I felt so much love and warmness when I pet and kissed it…

You know what they say dog is symbolizing in dream? It’s said it means you’ll find a new friend.

When I was young, I once saw a same kind of dream than now (where was a dog) and while after that I got a good friend, who’s been one of my best friends for years. So maybe it really does mean that!

I have one person in my mind actually. She’s my new employer who’s care taker I am. (She’s the second one of those two). We get along so well and my workdays have been nice!

So I’m very happy I got this job. In this area of work there is so much difference and so I know I’m very lucky to got this kind of place!

The only thing which really is hard is waking up at the morning. I got used to stay up really late and now it’s hard to get up. Luckily we have coffee! (Though I’m drinking it too much again like always when I’m regularly working). We have now also bright light bulb which is helping!

(These are funny finnish coffee commercial with a little information of finnish coffee culture. (english subtitles)).



For long time ago I will write a dance post…

Yesterday we had very fun at gymnastic class. We begun our class with burlesque. The teacher was one of us, girl who (obviously) have been training that dance style. It was ”quite” different than our own training usually is but it was totally refreshing. (Some movements of hands were familiar from our own class). It was also technically more easier than flow gymnastics and very very feminine which is what I love. 

The point what we were really training with that burlesque was the expression. It do help a lot! I really enjoyed that! (Luckily we got to keep our clothes on! Well, we were just with girls anyway…but I’m happy we’re not gonna perform this anywhere with furbelows burlesque dancers use. That would be too much for me!)

I didn’t realise burlesque (at it’s best) is actually hard work! If you work your body at maximum and make floor movements (like some kind of pushup movements), it really is!

There you have clips for example from the movie: ”Burlesque” which I love and which was the music we used at our class. The music is great! Lovely cabare style with spinning sound! Also Christina Aguilera is great! That’s the way to do it, with attitude, elegance and with glamorous! Like a diva!

So let’s burlesque girls! I think this can help also if you have self-esteem problems. Let your selves be diva for a while!

In the end some basic movements so that you can learn it if you want.


Some more beautiful Chinese dance videos. I really love these and I would love to learn this dance! Maybe I should suggest for our team leader that we start to learn Chinese classical dance. That is so amazing! 

Specially I love the first ”Nipponia” dance, ”Thousand Hand Bodhisattva” and the last video: ”Jasmine Flower” dance (which is the same perform than the last post but with different costumes. I like these more).  If you don’t wanna watch those all, watch atleast these three (or two if you watched the last one in my last post)! 

Have a nice (rest of the) week!