A YEAR OF FEAR and self-care 2020

If year 2020 was food, what would it be for you?

If I think abut 2020 as a food it could be lemon. It’s bitter enough like the year was…

More seriously, this year started great thus that I got email from my mother’s nurse today. She said that my mother will get the covid-19 vaccine. It was asked from her whether she wants it or not and she said absolutely yes! It was good news for me…even though I knew she wanted it as soon as possible…

That nurse also said my mother has got two friends in the nursing home she’s living and their stuff is funny! One day they planned to go underwear shopping with one of those friends, according to the nurse.

Well, one day when I called her, she said she’s in hotell… Right…(If you didn’t know she has an Alzheimer’s)…but apparently the treatment is good…and let me say my mother is still quite good to talk with. I can talk to her almost completely normally but I think it depends on which way the other one is leading the conversation…I remember her from the facts unlike the patients there.

My real purpose in this post was to correct a bit of the previous one! I named that post as a ”Black year” and only mentioned all the bad things happened forgetting that not all was bad in 2020. Here I’m listing the good things:

  • I learned to bake -finally- (never had time before)

  • I learned to take it easy and focus on my wellness (This was a huge thing for me. My life before corona was so hectic and I didn’t realize that the thing I really needed was to stop and rest, do something what I really want to do, not only follow obligations. In addition to relaxing, I started to stretch my badly stuck back, I did breathing exercises (due to my respiratory symptoms) and found great netflix series and movies (my favorite serie: ”Jos en olisi tavannut sinua” (if I hadn’t met you).)

  • I had time to do more my own things like this blog and participate on writing contests and things like that (I loved to get more time to make my blog and I think it gets still better and better now when I have time to plan carefully and thoughtfully for every detail which I haven’t before. I took this one of my targets also, to make this blog better and to post more often. Also because I love writing, I participated some writing contests and I wrote my thoughts on the corona era on a Finnish site: the collection of archives.)

Globally, the year was not just black either. Like I mentioned earlier, nature have been greatfull of the year 2020. Like people it has gained more of its ”own peace”.  Nature and the whole environment has been restored which is really big positive thing of the year! Maybe this was supposed to happen. We could not stop littering or polluting so we were forced into it.

NOTE: Watch my new pages:

  • Collaboration project/Yhteistyöprojekti
  • Interesting links (There’s for example my old cheerleading team videos, my gymnastics show videos and much more)


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