This very beautiful song (composition and singing: Lasse Mårtenson, lyrics: Juha Vainio), ”Everything but sailing is unnecessary” is about life and it’s adventures. Sailing in this context means life itselves.

Chorus: at once you’ll reach the pile of rainbow, there will end the trip of lonely one 

At once you’ll reach the island of love, where peacefull surge will take you

Last weekend I went to my godmothers funeral to Kerava with my brother.
Our parents didn’t manage to come cause they’re so old and weak but we were there with my brother. He came to pick me up at ten. I haven’t got slept very well and because of the time line I made my make up in the car which wasn’t easy. Anyway I made it and it was quite fine at the end. I had bought the beautiful calla lily for us to lay at the grave. The weather was also beautiful. It was so warm and sunny. At the cemetery birds were singing like they did also leave a goodbye to my godmother. Just like we were singing psalms.

When I saw other of my godmothers sisters at the parking place I was quite confused. She looked so much like my godmother and she also talked like her. It was kind of weard to talk to her.

The preast was very likable and her speech touched me (like those always does at the funeral). She told us that my godmother did said before her dead that she would like to go to her husband (who died ten years ago). Now her wish came thrue. I want to think that they’re happily together again.

I’m sad behalf they’re daughter (=M) who’s now quite alone. Her parents are gone and she don’t have her own family not even husband. We did make an agreement that we will meet with her and with my brother some day at summer cause we didn’t met for long time ago. We always only meet in these kind of events. Last time we met it was my 30th year birthday partys so it’s up to seven years ago. 

There was great food available: pork file with brussels sprouts, carrots and potatoes. Also the dessert were delicious: strawberry cream cake and brownies. 

While we eate we shared the lovely memories at the same time. Like about when and where did my godparents marry, about the close friendship between my own parents and my godparents, about when did children came, and the games of us (children).  For example I still lively remember how I broke my hand in our wild play when I was about four years old. You can read more about that in my earlier post https://tanssitytto.wordpress.com/?s=There+I+was+at+80%27s&submit=Etsi Also I (as the lastborn) was often the dog or a baby of my brother and M’s.

Farewell Anneli!


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