19. advent calendar will send you greetings from shopping centre ”Sello” (Espoo). There was this beautiful golden reindeer outside…

In addition I want to recommend you this glogg I bought today from Lidl. It’s flavoured with saffron and it’s very aromatic and smooth glogg (alc 2,2%)! It’s really good! I think I need more soon. (It’s only 0,5l bottle, so it will empty quickly!)

Good night!

7 ajatusta artikkelista “ADVENT CALENDAR 19.12.

  1. Hello Tanssityttö.

    I say – long time ago. I scrolled down from the top to here (Sello, to my home 1,5 km). I was interested in to see your posts and videos What a great variety! I am sorry also for your loss of your father.

    I decided to end my blogging in WordPress due to its new editor. Here is my last post:

    I decided to change to a French blog called CanalBlog. To integrate to another “society” has not been easy, but it is worthful anyway. Link:

    If you check my last post, then you see that there are many music videos. There are also many “Rautalanka” music played by Burns Ernst. There is also link to Coronavirus Cumbia from Chile. Many months ago, I suggested that somebody in Finland could make similar, but no – no interest, sigh. To give information about Coronavirus and how to fight against it, would have been great way in musical form. Here it is:

    Happy weekend, Matti


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