Where’s the safety distances?

Safety distances seem to have been forgotten again by skitourists at Easter. This is no good!!!

Watch this video from ski resort ”Tahko”. People are rolling side by side without masks.

The aerial view shows how full ”Ruka” was at Easter time.

GOOD PEOPLE, PLEASE STILL MANAGE TO FOLLOW RESTRICTIONS to get rid of this pandemic. Otherwise this just goes on and on!

I hope everyone had great easter!!

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  1. Oh my…I foresee a total lockdown with that devil-may-care attitude. Here in the Philippines, Manila and its nearby territories are under a more stringent lockdown.

    Ah, humanity indeed.

    • Well, it has already been talked here of a curfew but in Finland they just talk and talk and nothing happends…huoh…Infections, however, appear to be declining but let’s see what happends in the coming days when we see the effects of the Easter holiday…

  2. I’m seeing similar photos here. People who refuse to wear masks and disregard the safety of others baffle me. It’s not that difficult to do the right thing to slow down/end a pandemic, yet…

  3. Can I have the permission to give you a hint…. ?
    It would be a great idea to ad the FREE Google Translate widget to you blog, so that foreign reader can fully understand your writings.
    Lot’s of succes and thank you so much.

    • Yes, it might be good. I use Google translator myself a lot. It’s not perfect and sometimes I have to fix the sentences but I guess you mean widget used by readers whereby you can translate the text to whatever language?! I don’t quite know how to bring a widget to a blog and…like I said, it doesn’t work perfectly but it could be something…


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