This song tells about a missing of ”Kuusamo” (Finnish town at countryside) to find a peace of mind and leave all hurrying and stressing to Helsinki.

I’m always thinking of my summercottage, or sometimes A’s (=lady I’m takeing care of as my job) summerplace when I hear this.

This song (The time has come) is about time running. This mans wish is that clocks will stop running (for a while). Oh, how I wish it too!


I once heard some of the judges said on my  favorite tv-program ”Masterchef Australia” to competitors: ”Time is not your friend”. Instantly I thought: ”That’s right, it really isn’t”.
I’m not in competition or anything like that but still. Time is always flying and I try to fly to catch it but I feel like I can’t.

Still on the other hand, I don’t like only to lay without doing anything. Kind of working is keeping me alive. Then I atleast know that my life have a meaning. I know I’m doing something important. In a way, I’m lucky that I can do things. I’m lucky my legs are working and I can use my hands (even my back is hunged). I’m lucky I don’t have any bad physical injuries like my parents or the lady I’m takeing care of. 

Maybe in a way time actually is my friend, (even sometimes it could little bit slow down). As long as I will be able to chaseing time and run with it, I know I’m ok. So time actually tells me wether I’m ok or not.

(Then by the way, what’s interest, the less caffeine you drink, the more time you seem to have (it’s the feeling, ’cos you’re not so anxious then)).


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