I visited yesterday at Sartenada’s blog and did read a post of the old church of Keuruu in middle-Finland. https://sartenada.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/old-church-of-keuruu-vieja-iglesia-de-keuruu-vieille-eglise-de-

It’s familiar to me like Keuruu town anyway. That church came in my mind Pihlajavesi old church (1780-1782). Pihlajavesi is a small country village in Keuruu town (about 500 occupants). I have visited in that old church few times. 

This church is very interesting. It have been (years ago) listed one of the world’s 10 biggest miracles because of the shadows of the people who did once sut there every sunday at same place. 

The church is located in the middle of the wild forest which is so beautiful. It’s about three km from the Pihlajavesi railway station. 

Pihlajavesi is anyway very beautiful village with lakes and versatile nature. I recommend you all to visit there once in your life (atleast if you come to Finland) but at first you can watch that video presentation of that old church.

Have a great new week!


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