”THE SENIORS DANCE” (second year students at high school)

This dance happening were at friday (and in some schools, (like us at 1999), I think thursday also).

It’s happening for the seniors at high school (second year students will be the seniors when abiturients have their last exams which after they graduate). This have been traditionally the happening when the new seniors are performing old ”salon dances” (dances from 1800s-1900s.) They have usually also dressed like those years nobles (even these days it’s more common to dress like American prom night, so many of dancers use just normal evening dresses).

It’s been already 19 years of my own seniordance and I was remembering those days again (like I’m always this time of the year)…

I remember my beautiful olive green dress which was borrowed from my friends sister and made by their mother.

I remember how we sut at hairdresser with my friend to get the big -old time style- bunnies.

I remember my -cute but quite bad dancer- partner who stepped to my toes many times at rehearsal and with who I was scared of make the strike at tango cause he didn’t prop me enough.

I remember when we were (with three of my friends) eating at restaurant ”Fransmanni” after the other one of those performings. There was two girls and two boys in our group and some man did say to us: ”Don’t you boys believe what girls say to you.” Obviously he thought that we are couples even we were just friends.

Surely I will always remember how some abiturients did tease us four and screamed to us: ”Is it nice to be senior when you can’t get in any nightclubs”. Well, three of us were 18 (of legal age -we were one year older-) and one us were almost 18. However in restaurant any of us didn’t get wine cause one of us were still underage.

Also I remember how fun time we had with my close friend who came overnight to us after the first celebration evening.

Those were one of the best days of my life! I loved to dress (like noble) and I loved to dance (which is no surprise to those who knows how much I love dancing).

I wish I could some day experience this all again!! 😁

In those 90’s videos you can see the style of my time. I would say also the real senior dance style (the real salon dance style)!


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