It’s one of the best feelings: learning something. When you learn something, it gives you confidence and having confidence gives you euphoria.

We have been training a couple of times a very beautiful vault pirouette at flow gymnastics. I was surprised how easy it was to me. Usually every new movements are real hard for me but it wasn’t that hard. It was fun. It gave me feeling of freenes. It felt like I was flying.

Also that hard waltz choreography have went well, after tough beginning. Now I love that waltz. It’s so beautiful and flowing!

Dangerous snooze

I also learned yesterday, that don’t fell asleep so that you sit on the edge of your coach, head dangled on your lap! I did that and it wasn’t very nice wake up. I woke up while realizing I’m falling to floor but I couldn’t stop it anymore and I hit the angle of my forehead to floor. 😂 Quite hilarious afterwards! Luckily I didn’t hurt myselves so badly! That’s what happens when you don’t sleep at nights…

Have a great Sunday!


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