What is it? Why will I come so happy when I see a tv-program from my childhood? There is something so nostalgic.

Like today when I watched ”Kymppitonni” which came very popular at 80’s with great host (and ex- miss Europe) Riitta Väisänen. These new series are hosted by Crystal Snow. It’s so shame Riitta Väisänen is not hosting it anymore but they always do modernise everything. Nothing stays the same even I don’t know why good format should be changed. There is no need for that and some host’s are so big persons that they will be never too old though producers clearly think like that…

The secret of popularity of ”Kymppitonni” is surely the thing you can be participating with that show (if you like). You can be guessing those words the competitors are quizzing. Atleast I do it almost every time.

In addition ”Kymppitonni” there is for example ”Napakymppi” (The Dating Game, in Finland first seasons 1985-2002), which also just came back after years…also with new host: Janne Kataja which I really like even Kari Salmelainen was the legendary host of the show for years.

It’s not hard to find these retro programs. Those are very much available these days. There is different kinds of types retro programs. Some are the same as back then (like ”The Simpsons”), some are refreshed versions (like Kymppitonni and Napakymppi) and some of those programs are new but are picturing the 80’s (like ”The Goldberg’s”).

Some time ago they were shoving a nice program: ”Lomamatka 80-luvulle” (holiday back to 80’s) where were few family’s who did live they’re life as if they were living at 80’s. There was not cell phones or internet and participants were dressed and styled like 80’s. Every day did change the year of 80’s decade. They always tried and learned some ”new” things (of that decade). That was very fun program.

The 80’s are important decade, surely for me, cause I was a child then but it’s clearly also important for our society. Maybe it’s because we who were children (or youngsters) then are now in middle age and are memorizing our childhood (or youth). I guess that’s why the 80’s is a big trend…

…And everything was bigger and better then…like shoulder pads and hairstyles…Never forget that time!


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