We left our last goodbye to our dad with my brother on 9.7. and landed him to his grave. Now hi’s sleeping his everlasting dream beside my grandmother and grandfather.

When we came to the grave, it was like we have been gone for eternaty. The grave looked so old. It had became mossy and Worn out. Sure it’s been a while when we were there but not decades however as it felt. Anyhow there will be new engravings soon.

It´s always so peacefull at the cemetery and the weather was great. So warm and beautifull. Somehow I felt some kind of peace of mind watching those big old trees and listening birds singing.  Maybe that was a sign that my father´s soul is in the better place where hi´s feeling fine. Speaking of those trees, they have seen a lot. They have seen many funerals and many many sad people. I don´t know how old these biggest trees are but those must be atleast 100 years old or something like that.

After the short ”ceremony”, we were walking and checking the new graves. Also part of the graves were removed. Behind our family grave we found one grave either of us didn’t remember exists even it’s been there since 60’s. We noticed it was a child in this grave. A child who died in the year of 8. We wondered what did happened…

There were also one special moment. The moment you only can experience at once. This moment was when I kept my dad in my cord for a while. That was (naturally) never possible when he was alive. This tall man were shrinked terribly. It was a weard feeling, keeping my own dad in my cord. It have always been the other way around. He kept me in his cord when I was a child. Well that’s life. Everything is changing always…


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